The 100: Coup de Grace [Recap/Review]

The 100

It is not often that a TV show can pull off complex storylines, but Coup de Grace proved that The 100 can. There are brave heroes and power struggles within various groups that all keep the show entertaining and keep the plot moving forward.

It would be very easy for characters to be black and white, but this week on the The 100, it showed that there is a monster in everyone. At the same time, there is goodness in all. Nobody is perfect and it all makes this dystopian future more believable and acceptable.

In this episode, Bellamy gets into Mount Weather, but it does not look good. In the last episode, he was betrayed by Lincoln and is currently in quarantine, chained up. He wakes up in a cage, and soon has the Grounders against him. That is until he tells them that the Mountain Men are their joint enemy and they need to kill them. Bellamy even tries to save a Grounder by kicking at his cage, but they just take his blood.

Jasper is finally being the warrior he was when at the drop ship. He wants to save his friends, and goes to President Wallace to talk to him. When Jasper believes he is lying, he pulls out a sword telling him that he wants the truth. Did anyone else feel that burning question? Can he really handle the truth?

The 100 seems to take a bit of a twist with Wallace’s character. He takes Jasper to his friends and even orders for Dr. Tsing to be locked up. Wallace also wants to see his son. It seems like this is just a desperate attempt to save his life, but it soon turns out that the Mountain Men turn against their leader; locking him up.

Luckily for Bellamy in this week’s episode of The 100, Coup de Grace, Maya is on Jasper’s side. She finds out where Bellamy is, knowing that he is one of the Sky People. She helps him wake up by giving him a shot of something, and Bellamy instantly recognizes her as Maya. Just as she is about to help him down, someone comes in. Maya thinks on her feet quickly, telling the guy that Bellamy is dead so that he is unchained and let down. Bellamy uses that chance to attack, with the guy dying somehow. It turns out the Grounder from earlier helped from her cage.

Bellamy is back in uniform on The 100, and tells Maya to draw a map so they can get out. It turns out that Maya wants to help more than that and tells him about Monty and Harper’s dyer situations. There is another issue; the tracking chip. So, he gets it removed, places it in his cage and then promises to come back for the Grounder. He runs into Jasper, only for the alarms to go off and they find out they are locked in.

During all this, the Grounders in The 100 are now listening to Clarke because Lexa says so. They are nearly killed by Mountain Men, but Octavia and Indra save them just in time. It turns out the Mountain Men know Lexa and Clarke are the threats.

When they get back to Camp Jaha with an injured Grounder, Raven admits that Bellamy has not reported in yet. Abby is also worried about her daughter, but it is clear that Clarke is becoming a very different person on The 100. It looks like she believes love really is a weakness after last week’s episode. In a rare moment, Abby turns to Kane for advice, who tells her that they need to follow Clarke.

Everyone is getting angry at each other. Kane and Indra are annoyed that they cannot torture the captured Mountain Man, while Raven is angry at Clarke. Clarke is also angry at Abby when she finds out that the Mountain Men are already using the blood of the children. Clarke believes it is over, but Raven makes a very good point: Clarke does not give up that easily.

Finally, Bellamy gets through the radio, saying that Maya is helping them. He tells them as much as he can, and says he is trying to turn off that acid fog defense system. There is a whole army inside, especially with the Grounders, but Cage is now in charge.

It is time for a new plan on The 100, and Clarke has it. Kane and Abby try to stop her, but after an argument Abby gives into her daughter’s demands. Clarke sends the Mountain Man on his way with a message to warn the others that they are coming for their leader. They will live if their people are allowed to be freed, but she only gives the Mountain Man six hours of air to get back.

There are only a handful of episodes left, and the storyline is moving forward with a decent pace. That is especially compared to the start of season two. Coup de Grace twisted everything on The 100, making it clear that there is no black and white on Earth after all.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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