The Originals: Sanctuary [Recap/Review]

The Originals

The Originals was very focused on the brothers last week, but Sanctuary focused on the Original sisters. Yes, that is sisters plural. The mid-season premiere brought Freya back, and the audience is finally finding out more about her through the form of nightmares for Rebekah.

Rebekah is still stuck in the asylum with harvest girl Cassie and big sister Freya, without realizing that big sister is there. She steals apples from the kitchen and hands them out to the girls, only for Freya to be caught by The Kindred. They certainly do not like stealing, and there is something biblical about stealing apples.

Rebekah is clearly still getting used to being human now, after a thousand years of being a vampire. She punches the leader of The Kindred and ends up with a broken hand. However, Freya is grateful and it is now time for the girls to plot their way out of the building. Cassie is not up for the plan and goes behind Rebekah’s back. While The Kindred threaten Rebekah, Freya uses her powers to kill The Kindred members, heal little sister and get them out of there.

It is then that Freya finally tells Rebekah the truth. She needs little sister to get a message to her brothers. She will return soon, and she expects them all to be on their best behavior. Like that is going to happen on The Originals.

Speaking of the brothers, Klaus is trying to find Hayley before she tells Jackson the truth about Hope. However, it is time for Jackson to open up first. Hayley finds out the truth about her murdered parents on The Originals’ Sanctuary. His grandfather did it, because they wanted to create a truce with Marcel. It turns out that his grandmother only just told him the truth, but he still does not expect Hayley to open up.

Klaus pays Jackson’s grandmother a visit to find out where Hayley really is. He wants to stop her so all hell does not break loose on The Originals. However, Hayley is thinking about the idea of wolves being on her side. It would mean a safer place for Hope. Klaus continues to argue against it and declares that there will be no wedding.

Hayley tells Klaus that he is the threat to Hope, and for that she gets a broken neck. He goes back to Jackson’s grandmother to “speak” to Jackson. Their discussion is a one-sided fight, while they talk about Ansel and how Jackson just has to be using Hayley. No matter how many bones are being broken, Jackson continues to deny that he is using Hayley. He loves her and proves it right up until just before Klaus is going to kill him. All he wants is for Klaus to help Hayley free the wolves. Hayley gets to the in time to save Jackson, and Klaus threatens to put Jackson’s head on a spike if he hurts the mother of his baby.

While Hayley tells Jackson about Hope, Klaus tells Elijah to let the wedding happen for now. There is too much to deal with at the moment.

As for the other two brothers on The Originals, Finn realizes that Marcel knows nothing about Klaus’ secret. So, he turns to his brother Kol who has come with Davina to save Josh. Kol does the one thing that many fans expected: he switches sides again. He prefers to be on the side with the power, and Finn is proving that. Of course, Finn sees through it. He curses Kol to the body he is currently in until he dies alone.

The hungry vampires are woken, and Aiden has no choice but to snap Josh’s neck and escape with Davina. They can save the boy another time.

Finn is one of the smartest brothers on The Originals. He realizes that Klaus is too busy to find Rebekah and Elijah has mysteriously vanished. So, he asks Marcel how Hope died. Since Marcel was compelled to forget, he does not know and Finn realizes that the baby is alive after all. One of the final and most terrifying moments on Sanctuary was Finn telling the vampires they were to find The Originals’ baby.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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