The Vampire Diaries Will See Bonnie Return

The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries will see Bonnie return this week, according to reports. She has been missed by many, including the characters on the show. Now the question is how she will deal with all the changes that have happened since she left.

Fans will remember that Bonnie and Damon died at the end of The Vampire Diaries season five. While Damon made it back, Bonnie was stuck on the other side. She was all alone, and last week contemplated killing herself to finally die completely. The return of her character will see her dealing with the stress of having nobody to talk to for so long. Will she be able to just go back to being the friend to Elena and Caroline that she once was?

On top of that, Jeremy has now left Mystic Falls. While most believe that he is going to school, he is really hunting vampires elsewhere on The Vampire Diaries. Bonnie will not just have to deal with the post-traumatic stress of being on the other side, but losing the one person she had always been able to talk to. She will need a shoulder to cry on, and there are high chances that Damon will be that shoulder.

Damon and Bonnie became sort of friends this season on The Vampire Diaries. He certainly felt guilty for leaving her behind, and has tried many tricks to get her back. He will want to be there for her to help get rid of that guilt. However, it could cause problems for his relationship with Elena.

While The Vampire Diaries will see Bonnie return, Elena and Damon are just getting back on track with their relationship. Elena was compelled to forget her love for Damon, and has slowly decided to give him a chance and welcome him back in her heart. It is possible that she will become jealous of his relationship with Bonnie, especially knowing that they spent months reliving the same day over and over again at the start of The Vampire Diaries season six.

Elena will also have to deal with finding out her ex-boyfriend Stefan kissed Caroline. She already knew Caroline had feelings for him, but may not be ready for them to start a relationship. Having problems with two friends could tip her over the edge, especially since her brother has now gone.

Julie Plec has promised that Bonnie/Jeremy shippers will get some closure on The Vampire Diaries. She admitted that it is necessary, and there will be a phone call or something that happens. However, it will take time for that to happen. The upcoming funeral episode on The Vampire Diaries will serve as Bonnie’s return, but Jeremy is not going to be there for the closure.

Bonnie’s return to The Vampire Diaries is coming just at the right time. At the moment, they have to deal with psycho Kai, and they need a powerful witch to help. They also need someone to give them the boost that they have been lacking, and Bonnie has always been good for that. The good news is that Bonnie’s return will happen very soon on The Vampire Diaries.

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