‘The Walking Dead’: ‘Them,’ or ‘Who Let the Dogs Out? [Recap & Review]

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The Walking Dead continued on with the second episode, Them, after the mid-season premiere, last week, in which Tyreese died. This week’s episode saw Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes and his group of survivors headed towards Washington D.C., on foot. A preview clip from the episode had them with still 60 miles to go, and with their supplies running short. Also, they were being followed by a horde of walkers, and the clip showed wild dogs crossing the road, so the survivors might have them to contend with, as well.

The Walking Dead began with an extreme close-up scene of the crying face of Maggie. She is still mourning the deaths of Beth and Tyreese. A walker approached behind her and she stood up, and stabbed it in the head, dispatching it. She then went back to crying.

Then, Daryl dug in the ground and found a worm. He plopped it into his mouth and ate it. Sasha explored, on the look out for water. She saw a dead frog on the ground, indicating that water had once, not long ago, flowed there.

Then, Daryl, Maggie and Sasha headed back towards the other survivors, empty-handed. That was when one of them mentioned they had 60 more miles to go to make it to Washington, D.C. The Walking Dead went to its first commercial break of the show.

When The Walking Dead came back, Rick — holding baby Judith — and others got out of a vehicle and they all walked on their way to Washingon, D.C. Rick said “It’s going to rain, sooner or later,” but the skies did not look very cloudy, at all. Carl gave a music box to Maggie, but he said “It’s broken.”

Father Gabriel made his version of small talk with Maggie, telling her the origins of “hair shirts.” He told her she could talk with him, anytime she wanted, about the pain she was feeling, telling her “I know you’re in pain.”

She said “You hid. Don’t act like that didn’t happen.” Fairly closely behind them, a ton of walkers followed. Michonne and Sasha talked together. Sasha told her “We’re not the same. We never were,” when Michonne brought up Sasha’s brother, Tyreese.

Carol and Daryl were out scouting for food and water. Carol said they should maybe turn back. Carol gave Daryl something that had belonged to Beth, her knife. She told him “We’re not dead.” Then, she added “That’s what you said.”

Rick, Sergeant Abraham Ford, Glenn, Michonne, and Sasha then confronted their pursuers, the walkers, and made short work of them. Michonne told Sashsa “I told you to stop.” Sasha had fallen to the ground, but she stood up, looking ticked off and defiant. Then, The Walking Dead headed to another commercial break.

When The Walking Dead returned, the survivors saw a bunch of abandoned cars. Maggie got into one, noticing keys in the ignition. She opened up the trunk and saw a walker that was tied up and gagged inside. She closed the trunk and then tried to reopen it, but the lock was jammed. Glenn walked up and Maggie told him “There’s one in there.”

He got the trunk open, and used his knife to dispatch the walker, then saying “Let’s go.”

In the woods, Daryl was searching for food again. He returned to the rest of the group with booze, but no food.

Eugene said “He’s a grown man. I truly do not know if things can get worse.” Those were famous last words, as a pack of ravenous wild dogs came out of the woods. Sasha had her gun at the ready and killed them all. The gang feasted on the fire-roasted canines.

Noah told Sasha “I don’t know if I’m gonna make it.”

She said “Then you won’t. Don’t think, just be.”

Father Gabriel and Maggie sat by the fire. Father Gabriel removed his white collar and threw it into the fire, to burn.

After The Walking Dead came back from more commercials, Glenn and Maggie were walking again, and Maggie told him “I never thought you were alive.” Then, she told him that she had not thought that Beth was still alive. She said “I don’t know if I want to fight anymore.”

Glenn said “Maybe it’s a curse,” but he said they all had to fight. Sergeant Abraham offered Sasha a drink of alcohol and said “You’re with friends.” She replied “We’re not friends.”

Glenn offered Daryl a drink of water, but Daryl turned him down. “We can make it together, but we can only make it together,” Glenn told him. Daryl went off once again, to search for supplies and have himself a smoke.

Daryl then took it out of his mouth and used it to burn his hand, as he sat underneath a tree. He tried to offset his emotional suffering with physical suffering. Tears came to him, as he likely thought about Beth’s passing. Then, The Walking Dead went to yet another commercial break.

The Walking Dead came back with the survivors coming upon a bunch of jugs of water in the middle of the road, with a sign written by someone that said they were “From a Friend.” Eugene said he was practicing “Quality assurance.” He was about to take a drink, but had the bottle swatted out of his hands by Ford. The water might have been fine, but Rick said “We can’t.” A huge storm then began, and the water problem was solved, at least for a while.

Judith began crying, as she got soaking wet. They saw a barn and headed towards it. Maggie opened up a door and saw some walkers there, and stabbed one in the head. Behind her, Carol said “Some people can’t give up. Like us.”

The survivors got a fire going in the barn. Rick said that “This is what we have to live with.” He then talked about when he was a kid, he asked his grandpa if he “had ever killed any Germans in the war.” Rick said he “wouldn’t answer,” saying “that was grown-up talk.”

Rick asked him if any Germans had ever tried to kill him. “That’s the trick of it, I think. We do what we need to do, then we live. No matter whatever we find in D.C., this is how we survive. We tell ourselves, ‘We are the walking dead.'”

Daryl said, “We’re not them. We’re not.” Daryl got up and left, and The Walking Dead again went to a commercial break.

In the last few minutes of The Walking Dead, Daryl, armed with his crossbow, looked outside the barn and show hordes of walkers approaching. He held his body against the door, but they kept on trying to get in. The other survivors came to also try to prevent the walkers from getting in. Rick set baby Judith on the ground and joined them.

Maggie woke up in the morning. Daryl was already awake, sitting by himself. She walked over to him and said “You should get some sleep.”

“Yeah,” he replied.

“It’s okay to rest now,” she told him.

“He was tough. And so was she. She didn’t know it, but she was,” he told Maggie. She thanked him for his kind words, and went over to wake up Glenn. They both went outside of the barn and saw the devastation of the storm, with trees having fallen onto the walkers and spearing some of them.

“It should have torn us apart, but it didn’t,” Maggie said.

Sasha wondered out loud to Maggie if she is going to make it. “Both of us will,” Maggie told her. A man came across them, saying “My name’s Aaron. I know, ‘stranger danger.’ But, I’m a friend. I’d like to talk to the person in charge. Rick, right? I have some good news,” he said. Then, the supposedly broken music box that the ladies had set on the ground started to play.

There were no cast members killed off during this episode of The Walking Dead, Them. Other strange twisted things happened, though, like the eating of dogs, the appearance of the jugs of water in the middle of the road, and the stranger, Aaron, played by Ross Marquand, showing up at the end of the episode, coinciding with the music box suddenly playing. What dangers will the survivors face on The Walking Dead next week? Tune in to find out!

Written By Douglas Cobb


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