‘The Walking Dead: What Happened and What’s Going On?’

The Walking Dead

On The Walking Dead midseason premiere, What Happened and What’s Going On?, the show began with scenes of a shovel digging a grave for Beth, and Maggie crying. Father Gabriel gave a graveside service for Beth, and Deputy Sheriff Rick talked with Noah about fulfilling Beth’s last wishes to help get Noah to where his parents used to live, in Alexandria, Virginia, in the Alexandria Free Zone. Rick and the others talked about settling there themselves, or finding somewhere else, if that place did not prove suitable. At the end of the first couple of minutes, what looked like blood spilled onto a painting of a house.

Tyreese drove one of the cars, with Rick, Michonne, Glenn, and Noah also in the vehicle. Carol was in another vehicle. Tyreese said “The trade was the right play. It worked.” But, things played out the way they would have always played out. Tyreese said it had been his and his sister’s duty to keep up with the news.

They stopped in a forested area and saw a walker inside of a car, trying to get out. Rick and the others walked in the forest, and Rick acted very paternally to Noah as they made their way to a road and continued walking.

In Alexandria on The Walking Dead, Noah banged on a metal gate to see if he would get a response from the other side. Glenn climbed up and looked over the wall and apparently did not spot anything dangerous, so all of the survivors climbed over the wall. There were burned and destroyed buildings here and there, and dead people on the ground. Noah broke down and cried. Michonne got out her katana, ready to dispatch any walkers.

“I’m sorry, Noah. I truly am,” Rick told Noah.

Michonne, played by Danai Gurira, headed towards a couple of walkers, and Glenn said “We can make a quick sweep.” Michonne killed the walkers, and Rick said to Glenn he wanted to kill the police woman who had killed Beth. “This was for her,’ he told Glenn. “And it did good for us, too.”

On The Walking Dead, Noah was still on the ground. Tyreese said “I wanted to die for what I lost, for who I lost. But, I just kept going. And later, I was there when Judith needed me. That wouldn’t have happened if I had just given up. Noah, this isn’t the end,” he told Noah.

Noah got up and started running off, with Tyreese chasing after him, saying “Noah! Noah!”

Glenn and Rick talked about getting Maggie back, then losing Washington, right after finding out “that she was still alive.” He told Rick “I would have shot that woman dead, right or wrong.”

Tyreese caught up with Noah on The Walking Dead, and told him “You don’t want to go in there,” when they got to Noah’s parent’s house. “Me, first,” he told Noah. Tyreese knocked at the door, first, to see if anyone was stirring inside. Noah’s mom was lying on the carpet, dead.

Tyreese heard noises coming from another part of the house, and he carefully headed to a bedroom where there was a dead body on a bed, and photos on the wall of two brothers. One of them came up behind Tyreese and bit his arm savagely. Noah came running in and dispatched the walker, but Tyreese is now in a bad way, after having gotten bitten. Then, The Walking Dead went to another commercial break.

When The Walking Dead came back from the break, a radio played and Tyreese held his right hand to his chewed-up left forearm. Tyreese saw a vision of one of the people who had previously died. Bob also appeared. They said things about how what happened was inevitable. The Governor also made an appearance.

“You have to do whatever you have to do to earn your keep,” the Governor said, quoting what Tyreese had said in another episode. Another walker then entered the room, and attacked Tyreese. Tyreese put his already bitten left arm in the walker’s mouth, then reached behind him and grabbed something that looked liked maybe a conch shell to bash the walker’s head in with, as The Walking Dead headed to another commercial break.

Back from the break on The Walking Dead, Michonne said “This place could work.” She had the idea of taking down the trees to “build the wall up.” She walked a ways, and saw dead bodies everywhere. “It doesn’t matter,” Glenn said. “It doesn’t matter who killed her.”

Michonne then mentioned Washington DC again, saying that there might be people there, and there might be a chance. “Don’t you want one more day with a chance?” she asked.

“We should go,” Rick said.

“It’s a hundred miles away,” Glenn said.

“There’s a chance,” Rick replied.

Then on The Walking Dead, Rick, Michonne and Glenn heard Noah yelling, as walkers surrounded him. Noah told them, as they killed the walkers, that Tyreese was inside. “He’s been bit!” Rick and his pals then headed inside the house, and The Walking Dead went to another commercial break.

When The Walking Dead returned, Tyreese imagined Beth playing the guitar and singing a song about a “Strugglin’ man.” “It’s okay, Tyreese. You have to know that now. You don’t have to be a part of it,” Beth told him. The two girls who died in an earlier episode were there. The Governor asked him “Did you adapt? Did you change? No. You would sit there in front of someone who killed the woman you loved, and you would forgive her. This is all there is. This is it,” the Governor told him.

Tyreese told him he did not show him anything, that “You are dead. Everything about you is dead. It’s not over, it’s not over,” Tyreese said, crying. “I didn’t turn away. I kept on listening to the news to do what I could do to help. I’m not giving up, do you hear me? I’m not giving up!” he yelled.

The Governor shoved Tyreese back to the ground, after he had gotten up. The two girls held his arm — but, it was really Rick, who held it as Michonne raised up her katana and cut off Tyreese’s arm above where it had been bitten.

Then, Rick and Glenn ran with Tyreese. Michonne was at the gates, where walkers were attempting to get in. They opened up the gates, and killed the walkers, and again ran with Tyreese, who was still hallucinating about the Governor and the two girls and Bob, who said “It went the way it was going to, the way it had to go.”

Beth’s voice was still singing the song, also. Rick was on a walkie-talkie saying to Carol they needed to cauterize the arm. Back in their car, with Tyreese, Glenn drove on. Tyreese saw Beth driving, saying “It’s okay Tyreese.” the two girls told him “It’s better now.” His vision got hazier.

Glenn stopped the vehicle and Michonne and Rick took Tyreese out of the car and covered him with a sheet, and dug a grave for him. Father Gabriel then spoke at another graveside service, this time, for Tyreese. They made a wooden cross and placed Tyreese’s woolen cap on top of it.

Wow, about says it all, about this episode of The Walking Dead. The theme of the episode seemed to have been that it is impossible to escape one’s fate. The walker biting Tyreese came as something totally unexpected, following so soon after the death of another character, Beth. Perhaps, Rick and his group are not meant to settle down anywhere, at least not anytime soon. There are still a lot of dangers around them, ones that they cannot ignore, even for a second, without paying a price. Tyreese, played by Chad L. Coleman, was a pretty cool character, and he will definitely be missed.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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