Top 5 Variations of Supernatural’s Sam Winchester


Sam Winchester has been through a number of variations on Supernatural, and it is time to look at the top five. He has been evil, possessed by demons and arch-angels, and even been a studious law student with no hunting knowledge. Here are some of the best moments for fans.

The early years of Supernatural were some of the most care-free, easy moments. It was just about two brothers searching for their father. Sure, Sam had to deal with his girlfriend dying in the same way as his mom and the premonitions, but it was just all about hunting things and saving people. It was all about the “family business.” This variation of Sam is still among the favorite for Supernatural fans. It started the story, and there are still moments were fans see that Sam even now.

Many Dean fans will scream and curse for the next variation. Soulless Sam was one of the top variations of the character. It was a chance for Jared Padalecki to play a completely different role, and Sam really did become a better hunter without his soul. Of course, it did lead to Bobby almost being killed and there were definitely questionable acts. It was just interesting to see what could happen if a soul was left in the cage with Lucifer.

One of the five top variations of Sam Winchester on Supernatural was also when he was possessed by arch-angel Lucifer. It was another chance for Padalecki to bring a darker side to the character. In fact, he was playing a completely different character. The moment Dean sees Lucifer/Sam dressed in white in the future was quite scary for Supernatural fans. It begged the question whether things could be stopped.

Lawyer Sam was a fun variation that was only seen in spats. In fact, some fans may not even see it as a variation of his character. The first instance was when he appeared in What Is and What Should Never Be, as the younger brother who knew nothing about hunting. The second instance was during Dean’s trial for his life. He helps to try and get Dean free, although it does not work since Dean is the one who is blaming himself for deaths that have occurred. Both instances were great to see what Sam could have become had he not been part of the supernatural world.

The fifth variation is a recent one. During season nine, Sam was possessed by the angel Gadreel, while his body is being healed after the trials to close the gates of Hell forever. Padalecki had the chance to play two characters at the same time, and there were clear distinctions between the two, without the need for the glowing blue eyes. Gadreel-possessed Sam was powerful and brought out some of the things many fans loved about early Castiel.

There have certainly been many variations of Sam on the show. While there are some that fans have loved, others fans have hated. The five above are some of the top variations of Sam Winchester on Supernatural.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham



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