1D’s Louis Tomlinson Splits From Long-Time Girlfriend Eleanor Calder


One Direction star Louis Tomlinson has split up from his long-time girlfriend, Eleanor Calder. The breakup was confirmed earlier today by one of the band’s representatives, who gave a statement to the Daily Mail which gave details to the pair terminating their relationship. The couple had been together for almost four years, having begun dating in the fall of 2011.

Tomlinson (23) and Calder (22) reportedly came to the realization that their hectic schedules simply could not lead to the union working out the way that they had originally hoped. The Night Changes singer’s schedule of being on the road approximately nine months out of the year, combined with his partner’s busy school life (she is currently a student at the University of Manchester) proved to be too much for the couple to take and they have decided to go their separate ways as a result.

Although the news of the split only hit the internet a few days ago, sources say that Tomlinson and Calder made the decision to break up over five weeks ago. Before this happened, however, Calder reportedly flew all the way to Australia to join her boyfriend on the group’s On The Road Again world tour, in which they will ultimately travel to over a dozen countries and perform a total of 80 shows. This travel was a last-ditch attempt to save the relationship, which is said to have been on the rocks for some time now. Although the pair did their best to discuss the matter and come up with possible solutions to work things out, it was no use, and Calder made the trip back to the United Kingdom.

Shortly after the public became aware of the breakup between Tomlinson and Calder, Directioners flew into a frenzy after pictures hit the internet showing the singer kissing a mystery woman in Thailand, during an all-night rager he had been attending. The pair reportedly were engaged in intimate contact for fifteen minutes, with Tomlinson wearing nothing but his underwear (the matter in question took place by a pool, and the woman was in a bikini.) Fans are stating that the woman is an individual who has known the band for four years, and even appeared in the music video for their hit song What Makes You Beautiful. Tomlinson, however, says that this is absolutely not true and that the woman has no connection to the band whatsoever.

Even though there is speculation that the singer is not at all affected by the breakup, given how quickly he seemingly moved on to someone else, recent reports have stated that this is simply not the truth. A source close to the situation say that Tomlinson has been leaning on fellow bandmate Harry Styles for support during this tough time, as the two are extremely close and have been known to help each other through difficult circumstances in the past.

Whether or not Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder will reunite remains to be seen. For the time being, however, the two appear to have gone their separate ways for good and are attempting to move on in their lives.

By Rebecca Grace


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  1. Dbrook   March 25, 2015 at 12:54 am

    Louis and Harry are in a relationship so. That’s that

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