Actor Harrison Ford Seriously Injured in Plane Crash


Actor Harrison Ford has been seriously injured in a plane crash this afternoon. He was piloting a small plane that crash landed near a Los Angeles golf course. According to local reports, Ford suffered large gashes to the head.

As reported by TMZ, it was been shown that Ford was flying what appeared to be a vintage, small-engined 2-seater aircraft when the plane malfunctioned and the aircraft plunged downwards into Penmar Golf Course, located in Venice, California.

As stated before, Ford, 72, suffered multiple deep gashes to his head and was bleeding profusely, when two nearby doctors at the Venice golf course ran towards the wreckage to treat the actor.

Ford is best known for his roles as Han Solo in George Lucas’s Star Wars movie franchise, and his headlining role as Indiana Jones in the movie series.

As of now, the status of Ford and the extent of his injuries is not known. According to witnesses, paramedics were on the scene just minutes after the plane went down.

By Alex Lemieux


Fox News

Photo by jyw104 – Flickr License