American Idol: Top Eight Guys Perform [Recap & Review]

American Idol

On American Idol tonight, the names of the Top Eight Guys will be revealed, as four of the 12 who are left will be sent home. The remaining eight guys will then have to perform on this hour-long episode. Only the best will make it to next week, as even more cuts will be made, based on the votes of viewers across America. Tomorrow night, the Top Eight Ladies will be revealed and they will perform; but, tonight, the guys are in the spotlight on American Idol.

American Idol began with the host, Ryan Seacrest, recapping last week’s episode when the Top 12 guys sang. He introduced the judges, Keith Urban, Harry Connick Jr. and Jennifer Lopez, and said that it was Motown Night tonight. All of the guys will be singing Motown hits.  Then, Ryan wasted no time in announcing the name of the first guy who would get to move on and be included in the Top Eight.

Daniel Seavey was the first name on American Idol that Ryan Seacrest announced. Tonight, Daniel sang the Marvin Gaye standard, How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) and really did a fantastic job. Will it be good enough to get him voted on past next week on American Idol?

The second guy who made it to the Top Eight on American Idol was Mark Andrew. Mark Andrew, 29, sang The Temptations’ hit Poppa Was a Rolling Stone and had the audience clapping their hands over their heads right from the start of the song. He gave an amazing performance of this classic hit.

Jennifer said “I’m not sure if that song was moving me.”

Harry said “I liked the arrangement, but it sounded like a Jam Band arrangement.” Keith said “I agree with Jennifer, but America has seen something in you they like.”

Rayvon Owen was the third guy to hear that he has made it this far on American Idol. Tonight, he sang My Girl. It was a perfect song choice for him, very soulful and cool, and all of the females in the audience were cheering, screaming and clapping for him as he performed. He hit some uber high falsetto notes.

Harry said “I think everything about that was really, really strong. I look forward to seeing other parts of your personality.”

Keith said “I’ll be interested in seeing what you do next.”

Jennifer said he really made the song his own “when you went into and hit those high falsetto notes.”

Ryan said “More results, more performances, more Idol when we come back,” and American Idol went to a commercial break.

When American Idol came back from the break, he announced that Adam Ezegelian was the next guy who America voted would be in the Top Eight Guys. He sang the Jackson 5 song I Want You Back, and NAILED it! He had the entire audience clapping as he performed. He made the song his OWN, and rocked the crowd in Detroit out!

Keith said “Adam, that was the perfect song for you! It just was!”

On American Idol, Jennifer said “You were amazing!”

Harry said “The most dangerous quality about you is your voice. You nailed every note; nice job!”

When American Idol came back from the commercial break, the next guy to perform was Clark Beckham, who is one of the favorites to win it all this season. Clark hit a home run with his song choice, The Miracles’ standard The Tracks of My Tears.

Jennifer said that Clark was one of the best singers of the Top Eight, and added “I think you could go all the way!”

Keith agreed, saying “You have a good voice.”

After more commercials, when American Idol came back, Ryan announced that Nick Fradiani was also among the Top Eight Guys who would be moving on to next week. Nick chose to sing the Stevie Wonder classic, Signed, Sealed Delivered I’m Yours. He also gave a wonderful performance and impressed the judges.

Nick held the American Idol studio audience in the palms of his hands as he sang. Jennifer Lopez told him “It was a good song for you.”

Qaasim Middleton was the seventh guy who Ryan Seacrest announced had made the American Idol Top Eight. He sang the Stevie wonder hit, I Wish. He showed he had great stage presence, and had the audience dancing and clapping as he sang. He showed off some great dance moves, himself, at the end of his performance to the American Idol studio audience.

Keith said “So good, man! Watching you in front of an audience it what it’s all about!”

Jennifer said “You’re so [expletive] funky! You own that stage! You’re a great singer, too.”

Harry said “I thought it was extremely good! Every run was right on the money. People ask all of the time what we’re looking for — that’s what we’re looking for.”

There was just one spot left out the eight on American Idol. Before Ryan Seacrest announced who the guy was to fill it, American Idol went to yet another commercial break.

After the commercial break, American Idol host Ryan Seacrest said that the Top Eight will be moving on, but “The bad news is the journey will end for the other four. The last person is…Quentin Alexander! Congratulations!”

Quentin sang the Stevie Wonder song Master Blaster (Jammin’) with a bandanna on his head on American Idol, and he added a Reggae influence to the song. He was AWESOME as he sang, evoking his Inner Stevie Wonder.

Jennifer Lopez said “That was so easy, that was so smooth, that was so perfect!”

Harry said “My favorite part was how you settled into the groove of that.”

Keith said “You know who you are, you know how to look and how to sing — that’s why it was a bulls-eye.”

The judges all wished the guys who did not make it “good luck,” then Ryan Seacrest brought out the Top Eight Guys to show off to America. The Top Eight guys who viewers across America voted on to move on, Daniel Seavey, Mark Andrew, Rayvon Owen, Adam Ezegelian, Clark Beckham, Nick Fradiani, Qaasim Middleton and Quentin Alexander, each gave some terrific performances tonight.

Who will be the guys out of these Top Eight on American Idol who manage to survive the next cut, and will get to move on past next week, and which ones will get sent home? Which of the ladies will be named among the Top Eight Ladies tomorrow? Be sure to tune in tomorrow and next week to American Idol on Fox and find out, then read the recap/review here!

Written By Douglas Cobb


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