Jimmy Fallon and Ariana Grande in ‘EW!’ Skit [Video]

Jimmy Fallon

This Friday, March 20, on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Fallon had on guests Ariana Grande and actor Jeremy Piven, from Mr. Selfridge. Jimmy Fallon and Ariana were in an EW! skit together. Also, tech expert Josua Topolsky from The Verge was another guest, and he showed off some tech gadgets to Fallon. Jimmy Fallon did his weekly “Thank You Notes,” comedy segment, as well, in this highly entertaining episode of the Tonight Show.

Jimmy Fallon was greeted to a standing ovation as he walked onto the stage of the Tonight Show to perform his monologue. He made jokes about people and events in the headlines of the news, like today being the “first day of spring,” even though it was snowing in many cities around America. Fallon also made jokes about President Obama purchasing a house that had been featured in Magnum P.I., in Hawaii. “Not to be outdone, Biden purchased a pineapple under the sea.’

“Prince Charles visited the White House. I think that President Obama was a little bit jealous,” Fallon said, and showed a clip of Obama saying that royalty was treated better in England than politicians here were. Fallon said “Then, they shook ears.’

Fallon joked about Aaron Shock leaving Congress, and his replacements in Congress as “the sexiest,” “the best dressed,” the “youngest,” etc. “March Madness is here!” Fallon said. He mentioned the coach of Georgia Tech having sprained his ankle. He showed a clip of when the coach’s son scored the winning basket.

He also made a joke about Amazon now making deliveries to Miami in an hour, wondering what they could be delivering that people would want in such a short period of time. Fallon said that Andy Summers from The Police would be sitting in with The Roots tonight. Andy played a bit of Roxanne.

“What was the craziest time? The Synchronicity Tour?” Fallon asked.

“Yeah, The Synchronicity Tour,” Andy said. “You look great, and you survived,” Fallon told him.

“Today’s Friday. Usually on Fridays, I catch up on personal stuff,” Jimmy Fallon said, “like write my Thank You Notes.” That is what he did, and he asked James Posey, “blue shirt Jimmy,” to play the music for the bit.

A couple of the “Thank You Notes” were “Thank you, Witchita State University mascot, for looking like a Muppet Gordon Ramsey.” “Thank you, the new bio-engineered apples that are genetically modified to resist browning, or as it’s also called, being Irish.”

After a commercial break, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon said he was flipping through channels and came to a show on Teen Nick called EW! Fallon, as Sarah, and Ariana Grande were in an EW! skit. They took “a best friends forever selfie.” Then, Sarah introduced a new segment, a “Sing-Off.” Jimmy Fallon, singing as Sarah, sounded terrible.

“I probably shouldn’t go — I can’t top that,” Ariana’s character said.

“Try your best,” Sarah encouraged her. She sang, and sounded great.

“That was okay,” Sarah said.

Then, the man who played Sarah’s “step-dad, Gary,” showed up. He sang and said that there was “some frozen yogurt upstairs, with extra raisins.”

“Get out!” Sarah told him. She and Ariana did the EW! speed round. “Vente lattes,” Sarah said.

“Ew! Ariana Grandes,” Ariana said. Ariana called Richard Dreyfus “Cute.” It was a pretty funny EW! skit, though some of the words were almost unintelligible, because of the way they both spoke.

Jimmy Fallon

Back from the break, host Jimmy Fallon introduced his first guest, three time Emmy Award winner, Jeremy Piven, from Mr. Selfridge. “Here he is, Jeremy Piven!”

Jimmy Fallon talked about Piven and The Roots having “partied in Prague.”

He said that they did have some “adult beverages together.” Jeremy said “I’m happy to see Andy Summers killing it.” Piven asked Amir to play a little bit of The Police song, Shadows in the Rain. Amir did, but Piven said “That’s not my tempo.”

Then, Jimmy Fallon talked with Jeremy Piven about Mr. Selfridge. He said “Thanks for watching, Jimmy.” Jeremy said “Every night I watch your show.” He plays a turn-of-the-century gentlemen, who “was a slave to his urges,” Piven said. Season three premieres on PBS tomorrow night. Then, Fallon played “Piv-in and Piv-out.”

“Lip balm,” Fallon said.

“Piv-out,” Jeremy said.

Uptown Funk,” Fallon said.

“Piv-in,” was Jeremy’s reply.

“North Dakota,” Fallon said.

“Piv-in,” Jeremy Piven answered.

“South Dakota,” Fallon said.


“Okay, last one — Shout, shout, shout, shout,” Fallon said.

“Piv-in,” Jeremy Piven said. Then, Andy Summers and The Roots played some more music by The Police, as the Tonight Show headed to another commercial break.

Jimmy Fallon

After the commercial break, Jimmy Fallon introduced his second guest, musical artist Ariana Grande. She is currently on tour in support of her latest album, My Everything. Ariana said “I’ve never spoken on a talk show before.”

“How are you feeling?” Fallon asked.

“Very vulnerable,” she replied.

Jimmy Fallon said he heard that she did impersonations. She and Fallon sang, and she impersonated Celine Dion. They sang the theme song of Beauty and the Beast, though Ariana said “I don’t know the words.”

Jimmy Fallon asked her about hearing that she was “learning Japanese.” He asked her to teach him a few words.

“I have a lot of fans in Japan. Can I say something to them?” he asked her. Ariana said a few words rapidly, and then Fallon tried to repeat them, but he did not do that great of a job.

Ariana told him to say something, which he did, and then said it meant “The space between my high sock and my skirt is very sexy.”

Jimmy Fallon said “When you were on our show last, you sang One Last Time. Now, you’re on tour, and you’re adding 40 more dates.”

Ariana said “Yes,” and told him that she was currently “working on her next album in the studio.” Then, the Tonight Show cut to another commercial break.

Jimmy Fallon

When the Tonight Show came back on, host Jimmy Fallon introduced tech expert, Joshua Topolsky. “We both have babies,” Fallon said.

“You’re a busy man, you don’t have time to rock a baby,” Joshua said. He demonstrated a device that rocked a toy baby.

“This is something called Canary,” Joshua then said, talking about a new type of baby monitor. “It has night vision and records for 12 hours. The good thing about this is that it has a siren, a very loud siren. That is $249,” Joshua told Jimmy Fallon.

Then, Joshua showed Fallon a device called The Dome. “It will knock your baby right out,” he said. Fallon said it sounded like “a fan.” The Dome played soothing white noise.

“This is the Origami Stroller,” Joshua said. “It is the Tesla of strollers.” The stroller would do everything, like re-charge your phones and other things. “That is $849,” Joshua said.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this Friday, March 20, was perhaps the most entertaining episode yet of the entire week, especially with guest Ariana Grande acting in an EW! skit with Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon. Jeremy Piven was another entertaining guest, speaking with Fallon about his PBS TV series, Mr. Selfridge, which premieres its third season tomorrow night. Then, tech expert, Joshua Topolsky, demonstrated some of the latest baby-related tech gadgets.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Jimmy Fallon and Ariana Grande in EW! skit

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