Jimmy Fallon and Guests Will Forte and Adam Horovitz Get ‘Fishy’

Jimmy Fallon

On the Tonight Show this Friday, March 27, Actor Will Forte, the star of Last Man On Earth, was host Jimmy Fallon’s first guest. The second guest on the episode was Adam Horovitz, the lead singer of Beastie Boys. They got up to something a bit fishy when River Monsters host, Jeremy Wade, came on the show and he, Fallon, Will Forte, and Adam participated in and checked out a demonstration he gave for the studio audience and viewers across America. Fallon also did his weekly “Thank You Notes” comedy segment during the show.

Jimmy Fallon walked out onto the Tonight Show stage, and he received a standing ovation. “I feel the love!” he said. During his monologue, Fallon joked about topics from the news, like the White House confirming that Obama would be meeting with Pope Francis in September. They will meet for about an hour, then Fallon said “Pope Francis will spend the rest of the afternoon listening to confessions from the Secret Service agents.’

Fallon said that Senator Ted Cruz “plans to attract young voters through his stories and jokes.” He said that a joke he told “came from Jimmy Fallon.”

Then, Jimmy Fallon said that the recognition technology, Facenet, will be able to easily detect faces. Fallon said “Facenet, or as my mother calls it, Facebook.”

Jimmy Fallon mentioned that “Willie Nelson is apparently developing his own brand of weed and bongs. The weed will be called ‘Willie’s Reserve.” Fallon mentioned the names of pot types that various politicians supposedly came up with. Then, he again mentioned what he said last night, that Madame Tussuad’s Wax Museum had five figures of himself made, in different positions, for the first time ever. Fallon had one of them on the show, standing near the house band, The Roots.

Fallon said that Will Forte will be a guest, and he will sing an original song. Adam Horovitz will be his second guest. He said “From River Monsters, fish expert Jeremy Wade will be on!”

After that, Jimmy Fallon did his “Weekly Thank You Notes” it. “Thank you, Final Four, or as you’re now known, One Direction.” Another one was “Thank you, Pope Francis, for being hand-delivered a pizza as you were driving around Italy, or as you put it, ‘Delivery by DiGiorno’s.'” “Thank you, acoustic guitarist, for letting everyone know who’s about to ruin the bonfire.” Jimmy Fallon then sang a couple of camp fire songs, like He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.

Two other “Thank You Notes,” Jimmy Fallon said were “Thank you, new host of the Late Show, James Corden, for not going by Jimmy,” and “Thank you, adults on swing sets, for showing people in depression commercials that their medicine works.” Then, the episode headed to another commercial break.

Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon, welcomed his first guest when the show came back on, actor and comedian Will Forte. He and Fallon hugged as he came onto the stage. Fallon asked Will about a snow lodge story that he had.

Will Forte told him about himself and his dad going skiing. Fallon showed footage of someone, who may have been Will Forte, skiing down a hill, and then crashing. Forte said that he not only did not get injured, but injuries that he had were healed.

Will Forte talked about his mom having painted a portrait of himself, as the character, Gruber. Jimmy Fallon showed what the painting looked like. They talked about Forte’s current beard, and that it was fuller in an earlier episode of Last Man On Earth. Fallon mentioned the recaps of the episodes that have so far aired. Fallon mentioned that there will be two new episodes of Last Man On Earth on this Sunday.

Back on the Tonight Show, Fallon said “We were just talking about your beard, and when you shaved it off, you gave your mom your beard hair?”

“Yes,” Will Forte said. “My mom wants to use it for one of her projects.” Forte then sang a funny song about having shaved his old beard off. “What do you do when your beard’s gone?” Forte sang. He asked in the song what his mom was doing with the beard hair.

Will Forte said during the song “For the last time, mom, Last Man Standing is Tim Allen’s show. Last Man On Earth is your son’s show.” Fallon joined Forte in singing the song as a duet, and the Tonight Show went to another commercial break.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Season 2

“Our next guest won multiple Grammy Awards while a member of the Beastie Boys,” host Jimmy Fallon said after the break. Adam will be in an upcoming movie with Ben Stiller, called While We’re Young. Adam said about The Roots, “We’re friends! We know each other!”

Fallon showed a photo of himself, James Posey and Adam. Then, Fallon showed a photo of Adam and the other members of the Beastie Boys, about to go on tour with Madonna, before their first album came out. He said that his manager, Russell Simmons, said that “The Beastie Boys would do it for $200.”

Adam said that the audience “hated us,” but he added that Madonna “wanted them to stay on the tour.” He said that Madonna “realized that they hated us so much, they really loved it when Madonna came onstage.”

Adam said “I should have worn a hat. I have a big forehead.” Adam said he had gotten a basket of swag from the Tonight Show, but Will said he had not gotten one. Forte walked off of the stage, but he came back on. “You look great in that beard,” Fallon said, but Will walked off again.

Jimmy Fallon

After yet another commercial break, River Monsters host, Jeremy Wade, was on the Tonight Show. “You call yourself a ‘Freshwater Detective’?” Fallon asked.

Wade said that was right. He went around the world examining and analyzing reports of people who were attacked, and sometimes killed, by fish or what some claimed were “monsters.” He took a puffer fish from an aquarium, and he told Fallon “If you eat this, you’ll die.”

Jeremy Wade said that the fish’s teeth “were like bolt cutters.” Wade showed Fallon, Will Forte and Adam another fish, a catfish. Adam leaned forward to kiss the fish, and Wade said it was an electric catfish that shocks people.

Wade next showed them hagfish. They find “appropriate openings” in whales and other dead animals of the oceans and eat them from the inside out. Wade asked Fallon to pick one of the hagfish up. “I don’t want to do this anymore!” Fallon said. The hagfish got slime all over Fallon’s hands. Wade said if a predator tries to eat one, the slime clogs up their gills and stops them.

Jeremy Wade’s demonstration concluded the Tonight Show this Friday, March 27, 2015. Jimmy Fallon’s guests, Will Forte from Last Man On Earth and Beastie Boys singer and actor, Adam Horovitz, got a bit fishy as they entertained the studio and at home audience. Forte talked about his TV series and his beard with Fallon, and Adam Horovitz chatted with Jimmy Fallon about touring with Madonna and also about the upcoming movie he will be in, While We’re Young.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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