Jimmy Fallon Welcomes Will Ferrell Dressed as ‘Little Debbie’ [Video]

Jimmy Fallon

On the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this Wednesday, March 18, Will Ferrell from the upcoming movie, Get Hard, showed up for some fun as Fallon’s first guest, cross-dressing for the occasion, wearing a Little Debbie snack cake costume. Jimmy Fallon’s second guest was actress and comedian Chelsea Peretti, and the musical guest of the Tonight Show was Boots.

Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon, began the show by joking about topics and celebs from today’s headlines in his monologue. He said “I feel the love! I feel the love!” Then, Fallon joked about “March Madness,” and asked who was choosing Kentucky. He said that “Jeb Bush’s picks for the Final Four were Iowa, Iowa, Iowa, and Iowa.”

Fallon mentioned that “In an interview in Playboy, Dick Cheney criticized President Obama, calling him ‘without question, the worst president’ in his lifetime. Then, he said ‘Enough questions – when do I get to take my clothes off?'”

“Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day,” Fallon said, and he sent out a staff member to ask pedestrians a question about St. Patrick’s Day, but he never actually got to any real question. He just rambled on, and occasionally, he would point the microphone at the pedestrians, and let them interject one or two words. He did not let them get hardly any words in.

Jimmy Fallon said that Nintendo has developed games for smartphones now, and their stock went up. Then, Fallon showed a clip of vendors who were selling marijuana legally. The Roots played Jimmy Fallon to his desk, and he mentioned upcoming guests, like Ariana Grande. He said that tonight’s guests would be Will Ferrell, who stars with Kevin Hart in the upcoming movie, Get Hard. Fallon called the movie “unbelievingly funny.” From Brooklyn 999, comedian Chelsea Peretti would also be on, and the musical guest would be Boots.

After that, Jimmy Fallon did a comedy bit about songs at the bottom of the chart. Thinking Out Loud by Scooby-Doo was at number 99. Hearing somebody impersonate Scooby-Doo, singing, was pretty funny. At number 100 was I Don’t F— With You by Siri. He had to bleep several of the words. It sounded LOL hilarious.

After a commercial break, host of the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon, introduced Will Ferrell, who came onstage dressed up like Little Debbie of snack cake fame.

“Will, what’s with the costume?” Fallon asked.

“You mean this dress?” Will Ferrell replied.

“I have to wear it. I’m the new face of Little Debbie,” Will Ferrell said. He told Fallon that he “had mouths to feed.” Then, he asked the audience “Do you like snacks? Do you like cakes? Do you like snack cakes? Everybody in the audience tonight has the opportunity to go out and buy snack cakes.”

“You must really enjoy these snack cakes,” Jimmy Fallon said.

“Yes, I do! I can tell the difference with my eyes closed if I’m eating a Little Debbie Snack Cake or a baked potato,” Will Ferrell said.

Jimmy Fallon tested him out. Will Ferrell got one correct, saying it was a Little Debbie Zebra Snack Cake. Then, he did a plug for the snack cakes. He said that America would love to hear America’s sweetheart, meaning Jimmy Fallon, do a commercial. He asked Fallon to please read the promo he had brought.

“I don’t want to make a little girl cry,” Jimmy Fallon said. He read “I’m Jimmy Fallon, aka, ‘America’s Little Angel.'” He named three snack cakes he loved, but then said something that made Will Ferrell pretend to cry.

Jimmy Fallon said “What would it take to get you to stop crying?” and Will said if he could “sing the Little Debbie Snack Cake theme song,” he would stop crying. He sang it, ending the humorous bit, and the Tonight Show went to another commercial break.

When the Tonight Show returned from the break, host Jimmy Fallon said “You’re still dressed as Little Debbie. I thought you might change during the break.”

“No, no. I have to dress like this all the time now. I signed a 30-year contract. I just signed the deal. It’s a trend. It’s going to happen to you, Jimmy,” Will Ferrell said.

“Who’s going to do the Kebbler Elves?” Fallon asked.

“Some of the cast of Mad Men,” he said. He added “I only discipline my children as Little Debbie. If I’m wearing this, they know they did something wrong. My wife tells them, ‘Don’t make dad change into Little Debbie.'”

Fallon asked for an example, and Will said “When are you ever going to listen to me? I’m your daddy, Little Debbie!”

Fallon told him that Meryl Streep had mentioned that she had a crush on Will. Will rolled up the sleeves of his dress, and Fallon said “I’m a bit intimidated by ‘Prison Little Debbie.'”

Will Ferrell and Fallon talked about the movie Get Hard. Will said that it was made before his Little Debbie contract. Jimmy Fallon then showed a scene from the movie. Before he played it, Will said “Get Hard with Little Debbie Snack Cakes.” Will said that Kevin Hart tries to help him with his “mad dog” face in the clip. It was pretty humorous.

Jimmy Fallon

After more commercials, host Jimmy Fallon introduced Chelsea Peretti from Brooklyn 999. She came onstage acting as if she was in a photo shoot. She said “it was really painful” to see Will Ferrell dressed up like Little Debbie, because “I was up for that, also,” Chelsea said.

Chelsea asked Jimmy Fallon to pretend to do “a pat down” on her, and she made strange vocal noises as he patted her down. Chelsea told Jimmy Fallon that “We hung out before. I went to your apartment. You were playing your video games. Then, I married Tom Cruise…oh, no — I’m confusing myself with Nicole Kidman.” Jimmy Fallon said that musical guest, Boots, would perform next on the Tonight Show, and the episode went to yet another commercial break.

Jimmy Fallon

When The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon came back, host Fallon introduced Boots, and said that he would be singing I Run Roulette. It was a very cool song, kind of with a techno feel to it. Boots is the pseudonym of Beyoncé producer and former Blonds frontman Jordy Asher. The song was a perfect way to conclude tonight’s twisted but entertaining episode of the Tonight Show, which also had on Jimmy Fallon’s guests, Will Ferrell and Chelsea Peretti.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Will Ferrell as Little Debbie

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Consequence of Sound (hear I Run Roulette here)

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