President Obama Comments on Iran as Netanyahu Speaks at AIPAC


President Barack Obama stated coming to a long-term agreement with Iran is the best way to assure the nation does not manufacture a nuclear weapon. Obama made remarks yesterday in an interview with Reuters before Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was set to speak at the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

Just a day before the president is scheduled to speak to both house of Congress to lay out his opposing diplomatic deal, Obama stated if Iran is willing to consent to double-digit years of limiting their advancement of their nuclear program, there are no other steps the United States can take to give more assurance Iran does not obtain a nuclear weapon. The goal of the United State to ensure there is at least one year in between the U.S. examining Iran’s nuclear proliferation and them actually creating the bomb.

Netanyahu’s contentious AIPAC speech has sparked debates around the world. The Obama Administration was met with irritation after Speaker John Boehner (R) invited him to speak before Obama was to opine before Congress. Though, in light of Netanyahu’s presence, the White House stated Obama will not meet with Netanyahu to not give off the stance that the U.S. is interfering with the nation’s upcoming elections. National Security Adviser Susan Rice stated Netanyahu’s speech was “destructive to the fabric of U.S.-Israeli ties.”

By Alex Lemieux



Photo by Barack Obama – Flickr License


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