‘The Voice’: ‘Battle Rounds’ Conclude [Recap & Video]

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On The Voice tonight, the Battle Rounds concluded in the hour-long episode, and Pharrell used the last remaining steal of the Battle Rounds to take…read on, to find out who Pharrell stole. Though The Voice was just an hour long tonight, there was a lot of great singing. Some of the competitors were happy because they got to move on, while others were not so fortunate, and got sent home.

The Voice host, Carson Daly, started off the show by doing a recap of last night’s Battle Rounds and steals. Then, Carson introduced the coaches, and Blake and Pharrell met. Blake asked Pharrell to help him make sure that Adam did not win this season.

Carson Daly announced the first head-to-head Battle Round tonight on The Voice would be between Jeremy Gaynor and Rob Taylor from Team Christina. They will be singing Animals by Maroon 5. Christina said she wanted them to “soul up” the record. She wanted them to do their own version of the song, not Adam’s.

“I don’t want any dead space,” she told them on The Voice. She wants them both to be “explosive.”

When The Voice came back on after the first commercial break of the night, Carson introduced the two performers and said “Let the Battle begin!” They both sang an intense, soulful version of Animals. They were both very impressive, which will make Christina’s decision tough.

Adam said “I was just so happy that you sang that song. You guys did a great job. It’s something I struggle with every day. I’d probably say I’d go with Jeremy.”

Christina had to decide between them. “My heart is breaking to have to make this decision. My choice is…Rob,” she said.

Carson then featured the Battle Round between Sawyer Fredericks and Noelle Bybee on The Voice. They got great advice from both Pharrell and their team mentor, Lionel Richie. They will be singing the Creedence Clearwater Revival hit Have You Ever Seen The Rain? by .

“‘Me’ is now ‘We,'” Lionel told them, intensely. “You’re going to have to learn how to work together.”

Sawyer said that he had never really harmonized with anyone before. He said he was not really good at it. The Voice went to another commercial break, and Sawyer and Noelle will have their Battle Round following the break.

The Voice host, Carson Daly, said after the break “This Battle begins right now!” Sawyer started off the song, sounding AWESOME as he also played the guitar. Noelle sounded far better than she had during the rehearsals, and they harmonized really well together.

Adam complimented them by saying that “You guys were really singing together.” He added he would go with Sawyer.

Blake said he would have to go with Noelle. He believed that Noelle’s voice had a country sound to it.

Pharrell declared that the “winner of this Battle is…Sawyer.” He hated to see Noelle leave, but he could not use his steal on her, as she had been on his team.

The next three Battle Rounds on The Voice were just glossed over. They were not seen in their entirety.

The first of the three Battle Rounds was between Vance Smith and Koryn Hawthorne of Team Christina. They sang Love Me Harder for their head-to-head Battle on The Voice. Christina picked Koryn as the winner of the Battle Round.

The second Battle Round was between Bay Brooks and Brooke Adee of Team Blake. They did Battle singing the song, Style. Blake Shelton said that the winner of the Battle Round was Brooke.

Finally, the third Battle Round on The Voice of the three was between two musical artists from Team Adam, Bren’nae DeBarge and Lexi D├ívilla, They sang Unwritten for their Battle Round, and Adam declared that the winner was Lexi.

Next on The Voice, Blake Shelton’s last Battle Round pairing, and the last one of the evening, Jacob Rummell and Corey Kent White, met with Blake and Team Blake’s mentor, Meghan Trainor. Blake said they will be singing the Hunter Hayes song, I Want Crazy. “Whichever of them works harder will be the winner of this Battle,” Blake said. Before the Battle was shown, The Voice headed to yet another commercial break.

Carson Daly, host of The Voice, then introduced the final Battle of the Battle Rounds. “This Battle starts right now,” he said.

Both musical artists stepped up to the plate and hit it out of the park with their Battle. The audience was clapping along right from the beginning.

Christina said “That was super fun! You have this magnetism about you, Jacob. Cory, you were strong and consistent.”

Pharrell said “For Blake’s sake, I think he should go with Cory.”

Adam said that Jacob’s face was “the face of a killer.” He thought that Jacob looked sweet and innocent, but he really can have fun with and sing whatever song he is given.

Blake thanked them both for working so hard on The Voice. “It was such a dead-even Battle for me. The winner of this Battle…is Cory.” Carson said that Jacob was up for a steal. Pharrell pushed his button, and used his final steal on Jacob.

The Knockout Rounds start next Monday night on The Voice. Tonight’s performances were incredible, but the action is just beginning to heat up this season. The cuts will continue in the Knockout Rounds, with only the singers that the coaches deem the best getting to move on, while the losers will get sent home. Who will stay and who will go? Check out The Voice on Monday to find out!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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