The Voice: Blind Auditions Night Three [Recap & Review]

The Voice

The Voice Blind Auditions Night Three continued the auditions phase of the competition this Monday, March 2, 2015, with some terrific performances and some that…well…were a bit less than terrific. The four coaches worked to fill out their teams, with Pharrell beginning the episode with the most team members, five. Blake and Christina Aguilera were tied with four team members each, and Adam Levine had the fewest team members at the start of the night, with just three.

The Voice began with host, Carson Daly, recapping last week’s episodes and introducing the coaches. Then, Carson introduced the first musical artist, Kelsie May, 15. She sang You’re Looking at Country by Loretta Lynn on The Voice.

Kelsie NAILED this country standard, giving it her all. Blake was the first coach to push his button and turn his chair around on The Voice. Christina and Pharrell pushed their buttons at almost exactly the same time, and turned their chairs, also.

Christina told her she could relate to her, and be a coach, mentor and adviser to her on The Voice. Pharrell said “You are special and it’s going to be awesome watching you on this show.”

Kelsie said “You guys are all my inspirations. But, I can have only one coach, so I pick Blake.” Then, The Voice went to a commercial break.

Next up on The Voice was a musical artist, Kimberly Nichole, who liked sporting hats as she performed. She will be singing an Ike and Tina Turner song, Nutbush City Limits. “I don’t know what else to do to make my dreams happen,” she said.

Kimberly ROCKED the song out, and the first coach to push his button and turn his chair around was Blake Shelton. Pharrell pushed his button right at the end of her performance, irritating Blake to no end.

“I had to do it; she hit a note,” Pharrell said.

“I know she hit a note,” Blake said.

On The Voice, Pharrell said “I feel your Soul and I feel your Blues, and that’s the reason I pressed my button. Your voice is amazing.”

“I don’t know much about Soul music, but I have a soul. I love you,” Blake told her. “I just want to get behind you and make sure the spotlight is shining on you as much as possible during this process on The Voice.”

Though Blake sounded pretty convincing, Kimberly said “I pick Pharrell!” Christina warned Pharrell that she would “steal her away.”

“Adam threw me under the bus. Now, the gloves are off,” Blake said on The Voice.

The third singer on The Voice was Michael Leier of Fargo, North Dakota. Michael sang Last Kiss. He did a terrific job singing this rock classic, and Adam pushed his button right away. Blake pushed his towards the end of the song.

Adam said “Michael, don’t pay any attention to him at all.” He added “You really did your own thing with it. I believe this is you and me all the way.’

Michael said “I want to say thank you to both of you turning around. But, I pick Adam.”

Then, on The Voice, Hannah Ellis performed. She sang the song This One’s for the Girls. She moved to Nashville in 2013 and interned at a music company. Hannah had a soaring voice, and sounded really great; but, no coaches turned their chairs around for her.

Pharrell said “I would encourage you to come back on The Voice because I see you’re a fighter.” Blake stood up and gave her a big hug.

Travis Ewing then jammed out on The Voice, singing Say My Name by Destiny’s Child. Just like that, Christina pushed her button and turned her chair around. Blake then pushed his button and spun around, and Pharrell followed suit.

Adam told him “You’re great!” But, he had not turned his chair around.

On The Voice, Christina said “I was the first one to hear it. I was the first one to push my button. Was that your arrangement?”

“Yes, it was,” he said.

“I feel a little bit out of my league here,” Blake told Travis, “but I’ve had a lot of success on The Voice. I think you and I would be a great combination.”

Pharrell said “You’re so in the pocket. I’m glad I was last, because I was listening. I’m 100 percent a fan.” He said he wanted to assist Michael “in his vision.”

Blake said “Go Cajuns! Go Cajuns! Ragin’ Cajuns!” The Voice headed to a commercial break just as Travis was about to make his decision.

When The Voice returned, Travis said, after much deliberation, “I pick Pharrell.”

Christina said, after Travis was off of the stage, “Pharrell, I’m mad at you.”

Pharrell scored his third artist of the night on The Voice, Noelle ByBee, according to Carson Daly, “and Adam had a hot streak.” He scored a member of the DeBarge family, Bren’nae DeBarge, and James McNeiece.

Sonic, 23, was the performer who sang next on The Voice. She said she was with a record label for four years, but “the record never came out.” She sat down and talked with Carson about pursuing music. She sang Money on My Mind. Adam and Christina pushed their buttons and turned their chairs around.

On The Voice, Christina said “What is your name, beautiful?”

Sonic said she was “Sonic,” and someone in her band had named her that because she was deaf in her right ear.

Christina said “I really, really, really want to be your coach on The Voice.”

Blake said “The claws are coming out.”

Adam mentioned “She’s a lioness. I am also a lioness.”

Sonic said “I’m going to have to pick…Christina.” Christina went backstage and told Sonic “Thank you for picking me!”

Jacob Rummell, 18, was the next performer on The Voice. He said he was in “show choirs and musicals and singing has always been my thing.” He added that “I love Christina Aguilera so much. I listened to her growing up.”

Jacob sang Count On Me. Adam turned his chair around fairly quickly. Then, Blake pushed his button not long after.

On The Voice, Blake applauded and said “What’s your name?” He added “You did not look like what I thought you’d look like. I said to myself ‘Wow! That’s a guy’!”

Blake said “I’m here to help make you the best Jacob you can be.”

Adam said “I think that you and I have more records in common. I know what we have to do here. I know Pharrell Williams…I really want you.”

Jacob said “I pick — Blake!”

On The Voice, Blake said “I really love the range in Jacob’s voice. I’m happy he has enough confidence in me to pick me to be his coach.”

Carson met the next musical artist, Barry Minniefeld on The Voice at the Hollywood Improv, where he had been a chef. He said that he built up a rapport with some of the celebs who came in to the restaurant, like Jay Leno. Leno was on the cell phone to give him some words of encouragement.

Barry Minniefeld sang Me and Mrs. Jones on The Voice, electrifying the audience. Blake sang along with his back turned to him. Right at the very end, Adam pushed his button and turned his chair around.

Blake said “Let me be the first to welcome you to The Voice! Welcome!”

Adam said on The Voice “Barry, you came into my life at a very important time! I was hurting. I wanted to wait until the last half-second, so they couldn’t make it more difficult.”

Adam picked up Nicolette Mare. Christina scored Clinton Washington. Blake added country musician, Matt Snook. Then, on The Voice, Carson said “The final performer of the night had the coaches pulling out all the stops.”

After yet more commercials on The Voice, the viewers of America got to see the final performer who Carson Daly was referring to — India Carney, who Carson met at UCLA in the music department. She said “We’re always working on a new opera.” She told The Voice host Carson Daly she would be singing Billy Joel’s New York State of Mind.

Christina pushed her button not long after India began singing. Then, Blake also pushed his button. Adam and Pharrell pushed theirs, making for a four chair turn-around. India had a beautiful, powerful voice. Christina said “I need it! I need you on my team! I think I have a connection with you.’

Blake said “What do you mean? You just met her!”

“Back off, Blake!” Christina said.

Blake told her “When you started off singing, I fell in love with your voice.”

Adam said “You will never ever be available for a steal if you’re on my team.”

India said “Oh, my gosh! I think I’m going to go with a person who was a big part of my childhood. I’m going to pick Christina.”

The Voice concluded another episode of the Blind Auditions with India’s awesome performance and her decision to become a member of Team Christina. The coaches filled up yet more spaces on their teams, but one annoying thing was that not all of the singers and their performances were shown due to time constraints. Please tune in tomorrow night to watch The Voice, and come back here to read the recap and check out the video clips of the singers!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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