‘The Voice’: ‘The Knockouts Premiere’ [Recap & Video]

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On The Voice tonight, the Knockout Rounds premiered. There were some tough cuts made during the Battle Rounds, and more happened tonight, and will continue to happen throughout the Knockout Rounds. Teammates faced off, once again, though they each got to sing his or her own song as they did combat against each other. Who won the Knockout Rounds tonight on The Voice and who got sent home or stolen? Read on, to find out!

The Voice host, Carson Daly, began the show by introducing the coaches and recapping last week’s episodes. Then, he said that Nate Ruess, lead singer of fun, will be the mentor for all of the teams and competitors. Christina met with Nate first, and her first first pairing was Ashley Morgan Vs Sonic.

Ashley began on Team Pharrell, but Christina won her in a steal. She will be singing the Pat Benatar song, Heartbreaker. Christina said she needs for the song to be both “beautiful and aggressive.”

Ashley did an AMAZING job singing this song. She did not try to hit all of the higher notes, though she definitely rocked the song out. The audience applauded as she finished.

Then, Sonic sang A Woman’s Worth and slowed the tempo down, though she also did really fantastic singing this song. Her voice soared to the rafters. She showed a lot of vocal range.

Pharrell said that Ashley “ran through it like a racetrack,” but he said that Sonic also did a great job.

Adam said “This will boil down to Christina and what she wants.”

Blake said “For some reason, Sonic seems more in Christina’s wheelhouse to me.”

Christina said “Ashley, your ability is really great. Sonic, you take chances, and I love that about you. Really great performances today, from both of you.” She said “I have to go with…Sonic.” The Voice went to the first commercial break of the night.

When The Voice came back, two competitors from Team Blake took the stage. Sarah Potenza sang against Brian Johnson who sounded intimidated by who he was facing. Brian sang a Van Morrison song, Nothing Ever Hurt Like You. Sarah sang the Matt McAndrew song, Wasted Love.

Brian SMOKED the Van Morrison classic hit he sang, and the audience clapped right from the beginning of the song. He did a terrific job singing it, and will be difficult to beat. Sarah is a great singer, but will she be able to pull off the victory tonight on The Voice?

More commercials followed before The Voice came back on. Then, it was Sarah Potenza’s turn to perform. Sarah did a perfect job singing the song, NAILING it! She has such a powerful voice, and packed a ton of emotion into her version of the song.

Christina said “You guys did such a phenomenal job!”

Pharrell said “Brian, you really surprised me. Sarah, when you closed the song, it was super tough and super graceful.”

Adam said “This is unbelievably even. I’m not going to help you, Blake.”

Blake said that “The winner of this Knockout…is Sarah.” He said “There’s nobody like Sarah in the world.”

Brian was available to be stolen, and Adam pushed his button right away and stole him. He said he “was so happy” to have Brian on his team now. The Voice then headed to another commercial break.

The Voice came back on with Team Adam. Clinton Washington will go into the Knockout Rounds against Nathan Hermida. Nathan will sing the Sam Smith song, Leave Your Lover. Adam told him to sing more of it in falsetto. Clinton sang Wanted by Hunter Hayes.

Clinton Washington went first, singing Wanted. He made the song his own, and KILLED it. After that, The Voice went to another commercial break, before Nathan took the stage.

The Voice returned and it was Nathan’s turn to sing. He did as Adam suggested, singing much of the song in falsetto. He sang a touching, tender, emotion-packed version of this Sam Smith song.

Blake said “Adam, your team doesn’t suck! It’s really good!” He said that “Nathan just sang a duet with himself.”

Christina said “Nathan, really great effort! It was a challenging song to sing!”

Pharrell said about Nathan “I think you’ve proven your worthiness to stay on here.”

Adam had to decide who the winner was. He said “I have to go with my heart. The winner of this Knockout Round is Nathan.”

After more commercials on The Voice, three competitors from Team Pharrell sang in a Knockout Round, for the first time ever. Two will stay and one will go. “Anthony Riley,” Pharrell said, “will not be coming back to the show for personal reasons.” That is why Pharrell had three of his team members in the Knockout Round.

Mia Z, 16, said she would stick with a jazz song, but she “would take some risks.” She will be singing Hold On, I’m Coming. Paul Pfau chose to sing the Ray Charles version of I Don’t Need No Doctor. Sawyer Fredricks sang Collide by Howie Day. He chose to sing without his guitar. Pharrell said “This guy is special.”

Mia Z went first, and she DESTROYED this song, WAILING on it! She threw in some cool falsetto notes for good measure. She is a very powerful vocalist, and it was a great song choice for her.

After a break, Paul Pfau sang I Don’t Need No Doctor. He SLAYED this song, and played the electric guitar as he sang. The audience clapped along as he rocked the song out.

Then, Sawyer Fredricks sang Collide, starting it off nice and mellow, but singing with his voice charged with emotion. He also did a terrific job singing the song he had chosen, making Pharrell’s decision even more difficult.

Adam said about Mia “Human beings usually don’t have the ability to sing that high. Sawyer, the way your voice fills the room is really beyond compare.”

Christina said that Sawyer was “a genetic genius with his vocal ability.”

Pharrell said “The first winner is…Sawyer.” Carson congratulated him, and asked Pharrell who the second winner was. “The second winner of this Knockout Round –” Pharrell began, but then, The Voice headed to yet more commercials.

“The second winner of this Knockout Round is…Mia,” Pharrell said when The Voice came back on. Paul was up for a steal, but none of the coaches used a steal on him.

Then, Carson introduced Blake’s next Knockout pairing, Travis Ewing Vs Meghan Linsey. Meghan will be singing (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman. Travis sang I Don’t Want to Be.

Meghan performed first on The Voice. She did an INCREDIBLE version of this Aretha Franklin hit, and she showcased her power-packed vocal abilities to their fullest with her version of this iconic song. Travis, Carson said, will sing next, when The Voice returns from another commercial break.

When The Voice returned, Carson Daly introduced Travis Ewing, singing I Don’t Wanna Be. He did a great job singing the song, and the audience clapped as he sang. He sustained a note towards the end for a real long time.

Christina said “I loved the extended note. You really gave it your all.”

Pharrell told Travis “That was awesome.”

Blake had another tough choice to make. Blake said that Meghan did great, but Travis “delivered an equally powerful performance.” Then, Blake said “The winner of this Knockout is…Meghan.”

The final Knockout Round of the evening on The Voice involved two members from Team Christina, Kimberly Nichole, who sang Sting’s song, If You Love Somebody Set Them Free, and Koryn Hawthorne, who sang Pink’s song, Try. Christina said both of these singers had similar voices, and she just needed one on her team.

Carson introduced Kimberly Nichole, who sang Sting’s hit, and did a fantastic job with it. She made the song her own, and did a great version of it. Carson said that Koryn would be singing Try after another commercial break on The Voice.

After the commercial break, Koryn performed Try by Pink. Koryn did an AMAZING job singing the song.

Pharrell said to Kimberly “You sing like a razor blade.” He added “I think both of you guys are winners.”

Blake said “Kimberly, you had so much fun. Miss Hawthorne, your performance was so intense.”

Christina said “It really was the best of the Knockouts I’ve seen thus far.” Carson asked her who she picked as the winner, and she replied “The winner of this Knockout…is Kimberly.”

The Voice host, Carson Daly, reminded the coaches that Koryn was up for a steal. Pharrell pushed his button and used his one steal on her. Carson then said that there will be six more Knockout Rounds tomorrow night.

The Voice premiered the Knockout Rounds part of the season tonight, with some fantastic pairings. The musical artists received great advice from their coaches and Nate Ruess, lead singer of fun. Already, several cuts have been made, with yet more to follow, beginning tomorrow night. Only the best of the remaining musical artists will be moving on past the Knockout Rounds on The Voice.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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