University of Maryland Investigating Email, Mentions Racial Slurs, Rape

University of Maryland

The University of Maryland College Park is currently investigating an email posted online over a year ago, allegedly from a person with an affiliation to the Kappa Sigma fraternity. The email apparently contains ethnic and racial slurs and mentions of rape, according to University of Maryland officials.

University of Maryland president Wallace Loh issued an official statement via the university’s website. He stated college officials were drawn to the email on Tuesday that was posted in January 2014. Loh said the language used in the online post expressed actions and motives that are, “reprehensible to our campus community.”

He said the Office of Civil Rights and Sexual Misconduct is leading the investigation into the email that was posted. Loh explained the University of Maryland is committed to emanating the respect of diversity and human dignity on campus and throughout all aspects of the university.

The email was mentioned in multiple online social media posts on Friday. No further information was given by Loh or the investigators.

By Alex Lemieux


Baltimore Sun

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One Response to "University of Maryland Investigating Email, Mentions Racial Slurs, Rape"

  1. Frank   March 14, 2015 at 10:39 pm

    Liberty cannot exist when people are forced to conform their thoughts and expression to an official viewpoint. Differences of opinion are the natural byproducts of a vibrant, free society. At many of our nation’s colleges and universities, however, students are expected to share a single viewpoint on hotly debated matters like the meaning and significance of diversity, the definition of social justice, and the impermissibility of “hate speech.” Mandatory “diversity training,” in which students are instructed and indoctrinated in an officially-approved ideology, is common. Some institutions have even enacted policies that require students to speak and even share identical attitudes on these matters or face disciplinary charges.

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