What One Direction and Organizers Do Not Want Zayn Malik’s Fans to Know


The recent falling out in the boy band One Direction, which led to its most popular member Zayn Malik leaving, has raised many questions about what the organizers and other members of the band do not want his fans to know. After Malik called it quits from One Direction in the middle of their On the Road Again world tour, emotions have been soaring all over the world. Fans in various parts of the world are distraught ever since the news of Malik’s departure broke.

Many stories are being circulated in global media, and many of them could turn out to be untrue. This makes it necessary to take a closer look at the functioning of the band and their organizers. This especially includes the contracts that the members of the entire band signed with music companies, either individually or as a group, and the kind of stress they were under after they tasted super success with their multi-platinum hitting songs.

When a successful band like One Direction breaks up (whether this means that one or all of them go their separate ways) there are many things that the other band members (and especially the organizers, the music companies, and those dealing with the band’s image building exercises) try to cover up. This cleaning up or covering up, as one looks at it, is almost always handled by their PR agencies. Many stories are floating about Malik’s personal life, and many of them could be false.

A look at One Direction’s initial days might give an idea as to why Malik chose to quit after five years of super-stardom and millions of fans. The boy band was discovered by Simon Cowell, one of the judges on the UK version of the talent hunt show The X Factor. The band finished third in the 2010 season of the show. Right after that, the band members Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik signed a contract with Syco Records (a record label company owned by Cowell.) The band did go through a grueling boot camp phase, during which Malik is said to have had a turbulent time.

One Direction grew from here, going on to become one of the most successful boy bands in the world. They became the only group in history to shoot to the top position with their first two albums. They also recorded a super hit coming-off age album, ironically named Four, which had a lot of folk-rock and alternative music. It would be very important for the fans of One Direction to know exactly what transpired before the exit of Malik, something that the organizers and other members of the group would not want to disclose.

Though Malik has apologized to his fans, there are many rumors doing the rounds after his unceremonious exit from One Direction. Some suggest that he got burnt out after the long and exhausting multiple world tours over the last five years. Other reports say that he got fed up after he was forced to publicly advocate for his relationship with the Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards. This was after photos of Malik holding another girl by her waist while standing extremely close to her came out.

It was suggested that there could be other photos of Malik in other such compromising positions. Another claim making headlines is that Malik was asked to leave the group due to his alleged drug use. He was apprehended and made to pay a bond of £3,000 just for him to go to Philippines this week. Unconfirmed reports of Malik’s drug abuse have been making the rounds for some time now.

Malik’s fans are upset about the fact that he quit the band in the middle of a sold-out tour. People who have bought the tickets are feeling let down, as the tour began just about a month ago. They argue that he could have quit the group before the start of the tour, if he was feeling burnt out. Posters of One Direction are being brought down from their scheduled venues as well. The rest of the band members clarified in a statement that One Direction would continue as a four piece, and they would always remain friends and wished him well. However, there is certainly more than what meets the eye as far as his sudden departure from the group is concerned, something that One Direction and organizers do not want Zayn Malik’s fans to know about.

By Ankur Sinha



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