Amy Winehouse Family Disappointed in ‘Misleading’ Documentary

Amy Winehouse

When documentaries and biopics are released about celebrities, families are usually disappointed over misleading events, and Amy Winehouse’s family is no different. The family has even gone as far as threatening legal action against the makers of the documentary due to how misleading it is.

According to Mitch Winehouse, the late singer’s father, the movie shows him as an absent father; something he says is not true. He believes his daughter would have been furious to see the light in which he was painted in, and angrily said that it is not something she would have wanted. He says that it looks like her family was not there for her during her final years.

The documentary is set for release on July 3 in the U.K., but Winehouse’s father wants to halt the release. So far, he has seen the first edit and has instructed his lawyers to do everything possible to ensure fans of the singer do not get to see it. There are many elements of the movie that anger him, including Blake Fielder-Civil, Winehouse’s ex-husband, saying that her father was at fault for her downward spiral. However, Fielder-Civil says that he introduced the Valerie singer to hard drugs and was there when she took heroin for the first time.

The production company does not believe that the documentary is misleading at all, despite Winehouse’s family so disappointed over it. According to a spokesperson, the movie was made with the backing of the entire family and only completed after about 100 interviews were taken with people who knew the singer throughout her life. It tells the story of the interviews, and the findings from them.

Amy is set for a showing at Cannes Film Festival next month. It is possibly too late for Winehouse’s father to do anything to stop that from happening. Right now, he is focused on stopping the release to the general public.

The family states that while it originally backed the film, there are now too many basic untruths. A “narrow sample of Amy’s associates” was used to help form the basis of the opinions, and many of them were not involved in her last years. There were counter views offered and they did not make the movie’s final cut, suggesting that it is misleading.

The family believes that director Asif Kapadia ignored the truth about the condition Winehouse faced, along with the efforts from the family members and medical professionals. He also ignored the role that Fielder-Civil played in her downward spiral.

The news of Winehouse’s death shocked millions around the world. She was just 27-years-old when she died of alcohol poisoning, shortly after the release of her Grammy-award winning album Back to Black. There were many people blamed at the time of her death for allowing her to continue in her downward spiral. Fielder-Civil was one of those quickly blamed for introducing her to the hard drugs, which she quickly found herself addicted to. It is partially because of this that Winehouse’s family is so disappointed in the “misleading” documentary and is threatening legal action.

By Alexandria Ingham


The Independent


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