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Apple MacBook

The new Apple MacBook computer, which debuted last month, is regarded by reviewers as the image of future laptops. The MacBook is again proof that its manufacturer is incessant in introducing better-looking devices. It comes in a futuristic design with the new USB-C port technology plus other enhancements.

FastCompany’s Harry McCracken said Apple is not reinventing the MacBook, just making it simpler, thinner, lighter and cable-free. The computer has been reinvented by OEMs for the past years, and the Cupertino company is consistent with its vision of the future. The evolution of optimized computing technology continues with the new Apple MacBook.

The absence of “Pro” or “Air” in the new MacBook seems to imply it is for everyone. It does not appear so, with its higher base price.

The lighter and thinner MacBook is two pounds and 13.1 mm thick. Colors available are space gray, silver and gold, and it is the first time Apple offers a non-aluminum laptop since the 2011 white MacBook. It will be available today. It uses a smaller single USB-C port, that is also for charging – eliminating all other standard SD card slots and standard USB ports. To work with other plugs, it needs an adapter, which Katherine Boehret of Re/Code thinks is like a “supermodel wearing a headgear.”

The new Apple MacBook that reflects the image of future laptops bears notable physical differences from its predecessors. Its 12-inch Retina screen is now an edge-to-edge glass. It has a shiny logo of its maker, which used to be just on the lid. The speaker grill is already between the screen and the keyboard.

The keyboard has more flatter-feeling keys. The trackpad uses Force Touch tech so that it can be pressed and tapped for other navigational steps. It uses the Taptic engine which makes it feels like moving, even if it does not move, physically.

The 2015 Apple MacBook price base is $1,299 for the 8GB and 256GB of flash model. The 512GB is tagged $1,599. The new laptop has Intel Core M processor inside, and the first fanless notebook. Thus, it does not produce any whirring sound inside.

Its battery is being designed to be terraced, and Apple says it will last for 10 hours of movie playback or nine hours for Web browsing. Some reviewers found it lasted a day for on-and-off browsing and emailing, with activated power-saving features. Boehret found it lasting just over five hours with harsh testing, like full screen brightness, Wi-Fi, video playing on iTunes and power-saving being turned off.

Jason Snell writes in MacWorld that with the “gorgeous” MacBook, the user has to deal with incompatibilities, for the sake of cutting-edge tech. Dan Ackerman of CNet said it may attract some users, who are willing to deal with missing ports, unusual keyboard and limited speed for the sake of a slimmer dimension, Retina display and a trackpad that is “responsive.” He predicts that the next Apple MacBook will have another USB-C port, and it would be worth the wait.

Owning a device that foreruns the future units like Apple MacBook, which is the image of future laptops may sound fancy, but with some trade-offs. Boehret said, if money is not an issue, getting Apple’s new MacBook is not a problem. According to Snell, however, there are currently practical alternatives available, like the MacBook Pro and Air.

By Judith Aparri



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