Bruce Jenner a Study on Fame


Bruce Jenner has been famous for the better part of 40 years having shot to fame in the cold war as the American athlete to reclaim the decathlon gold medal from the Russians. The timing of his win made him an American hero and he has rode the rise of that fame ever since. After his olympic victory he was on the cover of cereal boxes and briefly starred on the television series Chips as a replacement for Eric Estrada for six episodes. Jenner also made guest appearances in the 80’s sitcom Silver Spoons and an episode of Family Feud. In the 90’s he wrote several books, one titled Finding The Champion. He then returned to television in 2007 as the step father of his wife Kris’ four children in the reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Jenner seems to be separating himself from the Kardashian family as he continues to journey through his male to female transition. He is handling his own finances for the first time in 20 years says a source to US Weekly. There has been no official word on Jenner’s transition, however, the rumor is that he will finally talk about his situation during an interview with Diane Sawyer on April  24, 2015.

There is no word if Jenner always wanted to be famous as a child or when he was playing football on a scholarship to college. An injury derailed the football dream and he was persuaded by a coach at his school to take up the decathlon. That worked out to bring him fortune and fame but was it always the plan or did he just fall into the fame? As one of the stars of reality television he brings the cameras into his house on a regular basis. He shares everything with the world, his ex-wife Kris, his step-children and his biological daughters with Kris. Nothing is hidden and now he will be sharing the details of his possible gender transition with all of the world. One would think that some things would be private and that he would attempt to keep some things out of the public eye. Unless he craves fame and is more comfortable sharing the details of his life with strangers.

Scientist Amy Noser conducted an experiment on Self Esteem Instability and the Desire for Fame and found that people who have an unstable high self esteem wanted to be famous more than those with stable high self esteem. Those patients who were diagnosed as unstable had fluctuating moments when they would seek and desire the approval of others to help them maintain their high self esteem as opposed to those with stable self esteem. Does Jenner suffer from an unstable self esteem? Has the need for fame caused him to seek the approval of others in order to maintain a positive self point of view? Jenner has been famous for a long time and perhaps he shares everything with the public because he feels he owes the public since they have paid attention to him for more than 40 years.

The Hollywood rumor is that Jenner does not have the support of his family during this difficult transition and that they only support him publicly to look good in front of their fans. Going through a major life transition without the support of the people closest to you would be difficult to say the least, let alone living your life in the public eye leaving it open to scrutiny and ridicule. Bruce Jenner may have been famous for 40 years but he may not be ready for the level of attention that comes with gender transition.

Opinion By Deneishia Jacobpito


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