‘Castle’ Finale Will Leave Fans Satisfied [Spoiler]

The ABC network television show, Castle, is rapidly approaching the final episode of its seventh season, but fans have been left with no word on whether they should be expecting another upcoming season, or if they are being made to grieve over the loss of a great series. The Castle creator, Andrew Marlowe, being as much in the dark about the potential of a new season as the fans, managed to achieve the challenging task of making sure to leave them satisfied with the finale of the seventh season.

A lot of the confusion from the fans is stemming from Stana Katic. The 37-year-old actress, who plays Kate Beckett in the series, had posted 24 behind-the-scenes pictures from the set of season seven’s finale. By doing so, Katic was fulfilling a promise made to all devoted followers, representing a celebration for reaching the final episode, but it also suggested that there was nothing coming after the finale, which made things very unclear for the fans.

Shooting the finale was not the only thing the actress has been celebrating, though. The Canadian has just tied the knot with boyfriend of many years, Kris Brkljac. The two were married on the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia at a private family monastery. The pair has kept their personal relationship pretty private, having no interest in putting everything out there for the world to see. As a result, there is not too much that is really known about Katic’s new hubby or the life they have shared together, but it has been reported the newlywed husband works as a business efficiency consultant.

Even though Katic has had a bit of a break from the ABC network series, not much of that time has been spent relaxing. The actress has stayed busy with work, starring as a character in the upcoming movie, The Tourist, which is scheduled to hit theaters later on this year. The exact name of the role the actress will be playing in the film has not yet been disclosed.

What keeps fans clutching on to the hope of another season of Castle is the mere fact that Nathan Fillion, who plays the role of Rick Castle, has reportedly already agreed to renew his contract in the event season eight occurs, but if not, Marlowe has promised to leave fans satisfied with the season’s finale. When Katic was asked about the possibility of another season, the response the actress gave indicated that the show has run out of creative ideas, and at this stage in the game, the best thing for them to do would be to just end it now, while they are still on top. The Castle star also added that it is important for a show to know when it is time to go. Television shows should never overstay their welcome.

The main reason for all the uncertainty surrounding the future of ABC’s Castle is contracts. It would seem that some of the actors are still working out contract negotiations. The actors are making decisions on whether or not they want to return back for season eight or call it quits and venture on to something new.

Castle‘s season finale,¬†which ends with Fillion’s character discovering huge revelations regarding the past, as well as the reason why the mystery writer became a writer at all, will all be uncovered, ensuring to leave fans thoroughly satisfied. The future of the ABC series will remain in the realm of the unknown until further notice.

Opinion By Kameron Hadley

US Weekly
International Business Times
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