Freddie Gray Records Supposedly Show Baltimore Police Did Not Kill Him

Freddie Gray

Recently released news has shown that medical records supposedly prove that Freddie Gray was not killed by Baltimore police, as records show that he did have his spinal injuries before police arrested him. The Department of Justice investigation into the matter is said to have brought the evidence to light, though nothing has been released to public. After mass protests sparked in Baltimore, adding onto the already aggravated nature of African-Americans and American citizens in general toward police, the Department of Justice was quick to respond. Though it was stated that the DOJ investigation report would not be immediately disclosed to the public. But if there was nothing to hide, why would the DOJ not be releasing the report?

Of course, all of this is speculation, but recent posts on social media networks reflect the theories that Gray had been involved in a car accident, which had injured his spine. Though the video shot by a bystander, when he was arrested, show that Freddie was dragged by Baltimore police to the van and could not breathe, but did not receive his inhaler, and also the fact that the police van stopped twice during its trip, Baltimore citizens are not convinced that Gray’s death had nothing to do with the police. Especially as Baltimore police supposedly had no real evidence to arrest him.

The story, however, says that Gray was involved in a car accident which led to his spinal injuries and that he had had several unsuccessful spinal fusion surgeries. Supposedly Allstate insurance was paying him structured settlement payments. Social media networks also claim that he had just had a spinal surgery a week and a half before he was arrested. Whether the story is true or not is unknown at this time.

If Gray did, in fact, have the injuries it would prove that Baltimore police did not kill him and had nothing to do with Gray’s death after all. As the family did not even mention such a medical history when Freddie died, automatically jumping to the conclusion that police had crushed his spine, it may be unlikely that Gray had several spinal fusion surgeries before his arrest. However, everyone loves a dramatic story, especially in the day and age when people, especially African-Americans, have something to be angry at police for. With several deaths of African-Americans at the hands of police over the last several months, Gray’s death was another reason to protest.

As police should supposedly not have had Gray in the first place, his untimely death while in handcuffs in the back of a police van, does look awfully suspicious. Many believe that the statements recently made that Gray had spinal injuries before his arrest is also suspicious. Stating that it could be a ploy to calm riots, the new information may not actually hold up anyway. However, calming riots is supposedly what the newly enforced curfew is meant to do.

Whether Freddie Gray’s records truly show that Baltimore police did not kill him is a matter that the Department of Justice is supposedly, currently hiding. However, it seems apparent that if the story is true, the DOJ would be quick to tell the public and put an end to the mass rioting going on in Baltimore, which has injured police. All of the speculation on social media only brings about one question: is the story true or not?

Opinion by Crystal Boulware


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Photo By: Vision Planet Media – Creativecommons Flickr License