Game of Thrones Season Five Episode One (Recap/Review)

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Game of Thrones‘s first episode of season five might be the coolest thing to happen to entertainment since CGI stopped looking like a child’s drawing. This recap does contain some spoilers, though even after reading one will still want to watch the premiere tomorrow night. In the weeks leading up to this amazing experience, more and more details emerged regarding the plot of this season. If this first episode is just the tip of the iceberg towards what is to come, Game of Thrones may replace The Sopranos as HBO’s Emmy juggernaut.

The Game of Thrones episode starts with two children, girls, roaming through a forest hoping to not get in trouble. They enter the home of a witch, and one asks to have her future told. She is told she will be queen for a time, then replaced. That she and her husband will bear no children, though he will father 20 and she three. Her three will bear crowns of gold, as well as shrouds. The girls run from the home, one screaming to the other “Run Cersei!” Then we see the former queen speaking with her brother Jamie about how he released the murderer of their father, and how it is all his fault. As this happens in King’s Landing, in the free countries of the East, audience’s favorite dwarf and eunich hold a conversation about the future of their country, and supporting a Targaryen leader who they hope to bring to power.

After showing that a rebellion against The Mother of Dragons has begun, Game of Thrones viewers are shown the North, where Jon Snow and King Stannis train. Stannis wants Jon’s help to get the wildlings onto their side, to retake the north from Bolten, murderer of Rob Stark. Jon is sent to convince Mance and his wildlings to fight for Stannis.

Once again King’s Landing and the mourning of the Lannister family’s patriarch is in full swing, wine and food for all in attendance. This is when audiences learn of a religious uprising taking over the hearts and minds of those who have seen the age to come. They call themselves The Sparrows. The Sparrows believe that the time of the gods has come, and mercy along with justice will be dealt to those who deserve it most.

Though the show does not end here, this recap does. Detailing the entire plot scene by scene takes away from the experience of watching the show itself. Some shows are worth the time it takes to watch every episode leading up to a new season, and Games of Thrones is one of them. Viewers may see a dragon in this episode, watch a fan favorite die, or even come to see sex that Game of Thrones is known to have periodically. Part of the fun is seeing for oneself just what can happen next. All in all, episode one sets up close to a dozen different plot scenarios to watch for as the season progresses. All of which will be talked about the world over for ages to come, even if one is not a Game of Thrones fan.

By Benjamin Johnson


Viewing of Game of Thrones Season Five

Picture by Matt Malone – Flickr License