Grey’s Anatomy: Crazy Love [Recap/Review]

Grey's Anatomy

Last week’s Grey’s Anatomy made it look like there were going to be happy endings all around, but Crazy Love ripped the rug from under. The good news is Derek is moving back to Seattle and going to focus on his family. The bad news is that he has to go back to D.C. to resign. Of course, something is going to happen along the way.

Expecting to have the house to herself, Amelia had Owen over. However, the two soon come face to face with Meredith and Derek, and there are some awkward conversations while Derek offers breakfast.

Grey’s Anatomy quickly moves on from that by bringing in the first medical drama. A chef comes in with a woman, who is constantly trying to give the doctors a bag. It turns out that the chef’s wife cut off his penis, and the woman is his sous chef mistress holding said penis in a bag. That leads to Catherine Avery being brought in to fix the man’s problem, much to Richard’s insistence that she was not needed. It turns out to be a good thing for the couple, as they kiss and make up bringing an end to their—what seems like now—pointless feud.

The penis is reattached, and it looks like all is well. However, while they have their backs turned, the sous chef cuts the man’s penis off this time. She runs to the bathroom, quickly followed by Edwards. After a heart-to-heart, the sous chef finally hands the penis over so it can be sewn back on.

Elsewhere on Crazy Love, this week’s Grey’s Anatomy episode, Meredith decides to confront Amelia about her relationship with Owen. Amelia instantly goes on the defensive saying how difficult her life is. One person not to argue with about traumatic experiences is Meredith. The amount she has been through in the last 11 seasons is ridiculous. The defensive nature was unwarranted, but it may offer some sort of look into Amelia’s head. The final straw, though, was when she shouted at Owen for stepping in when she was arguing her case for a surgery and her patient died. Amelia would have argued with Callie and won, whether Owen was there or not.

For Maggie, she is back in the dating pool and accepted a date from Ethan. The problem was that it ended without a kiss, and now Ethan is ignoring her. After panicking a little, she confronts him to find out that she never shut up during the date. Karev makes Maggie feel better—is there something between them?—and Maggie goes back to Ethan to apologize. He gracefully accepts the apology and asks her out again.

By the end, though, it does look like things are getting back to normal. Of course, with the season finale just around the corner, it is clearly the calm before the storm. The White House calls the hospital to find Derek. He never turned up for his meeting, and is now missing. Could it be that another plane crash is going to happen on Grey’s Anatomy? Has Derek not made it out of it this time? Meredith starts to panic as she realizes that her husband may not be coming back after Grey’s Anatomy’s Crazy Love.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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