‘Helix’: ‘O Brave New World’ Season Finale [Recap & Review]


On Helix tonight, in the season finale episode called O Brave New World, the sibling rivalry between Peter and Alan Farragut came to a head. Also, Dr. Julia Walker and Alan’s relationship got even more intense, if possible.

Helix began with a scene of Alan telling Jules “You shot me!” She told him that he had been about to shoot her.

Dr. Kyle Sommer still tried to raise help on the ham radio saying “We have the cure for the mycosis.” Dr. Sarah Jordan said she “was going to make a deal with the devil.”


Amy somehow was still alive, and now she was deformed, like her brother, Landry. She said she was “now free to do whatever she wants, and she wanted to thank her Sisters for her new face.”

Anne and Peter/Eli discussed the possibility the the roots of Mother “may still be viable.”

Peter told her that “Ilaria still has influence.” Anne said that “I will follow you, anywhere.”

Dr. Kyle Sommer promised Soren to buy him a pizza and play Call of Duty 4 with him on the PlayStation. Soren said “What’s that?”

Soren said “It’s not fair! Peter killed my mom! Someone should kill him, too!”

Dr Kyle promised him that “Peter will never hurt you, or anyone else, again.” Then, the power went out, and Soren took off somewhere….

Dr Julia Walker woke up in the future on Helix, with Caleb standing by her bed. She said that she had shot someone 30 years ago. Caleb said “That doesn’t make sense. Thirty years ago, I was here, too.”

Soren said “You killed my mom!” and he stabbed Peter. Peter replied, in agony, “Soren, you really shouldn’t have done that!” and Helix went to a commercial break.

“Who are you?” Dr. Walker asked. She also asked him why he took the sword.

“I think I can read it,” he said.

“The letters stand for a recipe for a virus,” Julia told him. “Why would he create a virus?”

“I want to tell you everything, but first you must answer a question,” Caleb said. “Do you know the way to San Jose?”

Amy and Landry met with Anne. “Hello, mother,” Amy said.

“Amy, you’re hurt,” Anne said.

Amy said that she had not seemed to be concerned when her father had asked to lay with her. Anne said “I’m so sorry.”

Amy told her “No, no no! You don’t get to do this! It’s too late! Look at me, look at me, look at me! There’s no hope, and no amount of distance will escape who we are. Inside, you’re a monster, just like me!” Amy told her.

Anne said “Give me one more chance.”

Amy said “I want to allow you one. Give me the baby!” Amy and Landry took the baby that Anne and Peter had stolen, and Amy said “Goodbye, mother.”

On Helix, Alan said “Two species in the same body,” referring to Mother. “The virus is also a part of her. You can’t give Mother to Ilaria! Even Ilaria can’t control nature.”

“Can’t you see I don’t have a choice?” Jules asked him.

Dr. Jordan showed up. She asked “What happened?”

Alan said “She shot me.”

“And you’re still talking,” Sarah said.

Amy told Landry “Give her to me,” referring to the baby.

Landry said “She’s my friend!”

Amy took the baby from him and said “You have no friends!”

Julia and Sarah searched the Abbey. Sarah said “She’s not going to stop.”

They both heard a baby crying. Sarah asked “Did you hear that?” They headed towards the sound of the crying.


They were in the room where all of the mothers had been kept, awaiting the birth of their babies. They had gotten free, and were advancing on Sarah and Julia, some armed with knives. Helix then went to another commercial break.

Julia said “Sarah, they want the baby,” One of the women took Sarah’s son, still in a jar. She said Please give me back my son. Don’t hurt him like Amy did.” The woman handed the jar back to Sarah, who thanked her.

Kyle met up with Soren, who told him that he was sorry he had left. He said “I was following my Path.”

Kyle told him “Let’s get back to work.” They continued doing experiments.

Peter and Alan met up in a part of the Abbey. Peter was armed with an assault rifle.

“You don’t even know how to operate that thing,” Alan told him

“I don’t need to,” Peter said. He hit Alan with the butt of his gun, and told him when he had been left in the pit, he thought it was the end. “But it wasn’t,” he said. “It was just the beginning.” He kicked Alan in the ribs. Peter talked about having found “love,” and he said he was going to leave, while Alan would not have that option. He flicked a lit match, and Alan was surrounded by a ring of fire. Helix headed to another commercial break.

“You really made it?” Soren asked him after the break. Then he said “Didn’t Alan really make it?”

They talked about a name for the cure. “How about Sorenal?” Kyle asked.

“I have a better idea. How about Olivia?” Soren asked. Kyle agreed that would be a good name. Then, they smelled smoke and went to investigate.

Amy laughed and said “Dr. Jordan! I can’t wait to see what they do to you.” Then, the women showed up who had been imprisoned. They grabbed Amy and held her down, pulling her teeth out, as had happened to them. Landry stood by and watched.


The Abbey was going up in flames. Alan said “Jules!”

Julia had entered the room he was in. She helped him to escape.

Peter told Anne that he “would find a way,” to get their baby back. Peter told Kyle “You need to keep that kid on a leash.”

Kyle asked Soren “Did you stab him?” and Soren said “Yes.”

“Don’t ever do that again,” Kyle said, and then he punched Peter in the gut.

Anne asked Landry “Where are you going?” and Landry told her “Home.”

In the future, Anne and Caleb talked some more. She said “Yes, I do. We were running away up north where Alan’s family was,’ she said, looking back in history. She said “We got married, and I’ll never forget what he said. ‘Your love is going to kill me.’ I do know the way to San Jose,” she said. “Who are you?”

Soren was shown in the past, looking on as the Abbey burned down. He removed his false eye, and she said “Soren.”

“I haven’t worn that name for a long time,” Caleb, or Soren, replied. Helix headed to yet another commercial break.

After the break on Helix, Alan was carted away on a stretcher, getting medical attention, while the two women in his life, Dr. Walker and Dr. Jordan, walked next to him. Kyle said he had discovered the cure for the mycosis. “Would you stake your life on it?” a lady asked him.

He said “I already have.”


Dr. Julia Walker entered a room where Claire was. she was there with Mother, and Peter. She said that Peter had been compensated.

Soren and Kyle were together, and Kyle told Soren the number of the safety deposit box Alan had given him.

Julia and Soren talked together. “They found a common ground. They engineered a virus that would also kill Immortals,” he said.

“You — you’re the killer!” Julia said.

He held out something to give her, and said “Take it.”

“Maybe I don’t deserve it,” she said.

“You came here looking for a cure. I can save your life,” Soren said.

She turned him down. “If you should change your mind…” he said.

“If I could only see Alan for one more time,” Julia said.

Then, Alan, in the hospital with his face bandaged up, yelled out “Sarah!” He tore his bandages off and looked into a mirror. Now, the pupils of his eyes were also silver. He smashed the mirror, and Helix went to still more commercials.

At the end of the season finale of Helix, there was a commercial about Ilaria, talking about a “sustainable future,” and “living life, living longer.” At Ilaria headquarters, a woman was asking a nurse about starting up a family. She wanted to have a child. “I heard that your program has a 98 percent success rate,” she said to the nurse.

The nurse said “Go ahead and get dressed. The doctor will see you now,” the Ilaria nurse said.


The woman went with the nurse into a very futuristic-looking lab, where Dr. Jordan was. She introduced herself to the woman, and that was the end of the season finale of Helix, titled O Brave New World.

Helix drew to the end of season two with another excellent, and very twisted, episode, O Brave New World. Amy was revealed as still being alive, though the women who got revenge on her by pulling her teeth might also have decided to kill her. Peter went behind Julia’s back, and made a deal with other members of Ilaria. Alan is now an Immortal, like Sarah, and future Sarah has become an employee of Ilaria. What will the next season of Helix hold?

Written By Douglas Cobb

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