Hillary Clinton Does Not Have Automatic Endorsement From President Obama


According to a statement released by the White House on Monday, President Obama will not automatically endorse¬†Hillary Clinton, whom announced her candidacy last week. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest stated Obama and Clinton have “become friends” over the past few years during her tenure in the Obama Administration. On Saturday, Obama said Clinton would serve as, “an excellent president.” Though, Obama stated there are many more candidates that are, “friends of the president.”

Among the Democrats who are looking to run in 2016 is Vice President Joe Biden. Biden, however, has not officially announced he will run.

Earnest explained that the president will undoubtedly support the Democratic nominee, though he would wait for the people to decide. He denied to comment on any direct backing between the White House and Clinton regarding her campaign.

Later this week, the White House will be announcing new changes on income inequality, one of the issues that Clinton will be pushing during her campaign. Earnest stated Obama and Clinton have a private meeting in March. However, he did not know if the two spoke over the issues regarding, “her roll-out plans.”

By Alex Lemieux


The Hill 

Photo by Talk Radio News Service – Flickr License

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