Hillary Rodham Clinton Subtly Running as a Woman


Hillary Clinton spoke at the annual Women in the World Summit this week. This conference hosts female political leaders, celebrities, and activists all over the world who are working to promote women’s rights. Clinton spoke about the expanding of women’s rights as well as opportunities for women that are currently male dominated. She stood her ground on women’s health care options and made a passionate drive for the expansion of paid family leave. She also spoke sharply against leaders who oppose equal pay for equal work and do not support Planned Parenthood.

Clinton’s administration has said they intend to use her history in politics as she is campaigning this time. She has learned from her 2008 failures. However, she does not want to make the possibility of being the first woman in the Oval Office the focus of her campaign.

Obama did not talk much about the possibilities of him being the first American black president. However, Obama’s supporters talked about that possibility on their own and Obama’s team was quick to harness voter enthusiasm and make sure America caught their excitement of his most historic candidacy. Clinton is looking to do the same for 2016. She spoke of women’s rights and opportunities, but she did not mention her own opportunity to be the first female president. Being a part of history in the making is an exciting endeavor for many voters, said Democratic Senator Barbara Mikulski (MD) who is the longest woman to sit in Congress.

April 22, Clinton spoke at an event that honored the recipients of the second Hillary Rodham Clinton Award for Advancing Women in Peace and Security at Georgetown University. This award was the idea of the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security (GIWPS) in 2014. Clinton is the Honorary Founding Chair of GIWPS. When she was Secretary of State she started the U.S. National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security along with Ambassador Vereer and President John J. DeGioia at Georgetown University, December 2011. She believes that women are on the brink of progress. She boldly said that when women are seated together, security and peace are achievable. She also said she has seen this progress happen in many places and in many different ways.

There are more men in political positions than women, however women have great power in national elections. Women made half the electorate in the 2012 election for presidency. 55 percent of voting women backed Obama. Obama also had backers that were black, young, and Hispanic, voters that got Obama to the White House. Clinton will somehow have to rally them as well.

There are Republicans that believe Clinton showing her family-friendly softer side is only a political ploy. She speaks with great pride about her daughter, Chelsea and being a brand new grandmother to Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky. According to Republicans, this is her way of avoiding her record as secretary of state. However, she will have to answer questions concerning her actions as secretary of state throughout her campaign to the White House.


By Jeanette Smith




Georgetown University

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  1. Rocky Fatcat   April 24, 2015 at 2:09 pm

    Amazing what is reported as news when Hillary’s scandals are the top news! Hillary’s list of really bad decisions continues to grow!

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