Is ‘Twin Peaks’ Miniseries Still on Without David Lynch?

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks director David Lynch announced on Sunday that he has pulled out of Showtime’s reboot of the series, which aired on ABC for two seasons in the early 1990s and became a cult classic. The show is returning in the form of a nine-episode miniseries, taking off where the 1990-91 show and the following 1992 movie, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me” left off, and is set in the present day. Although Lynch is unsure whether Showtime will still go on without him, the network remains hopeful that he will return to direct.

Lynch posted the news on Twitter, explaining that even though negotiations had been ongoing for the past year and four months, he was still not being offered the amount of money he believes is necessary to direct the new Twin Peaks. The director, 69, added that he had already begun to notify the actors involved that he would not return to direct the project. Said Lynch, “I love the world of Twin Peaks and wish things could have worked out differently.” He also assured fans of the franchise that the project had not been shelved yet, but said he did not know whether it would ultimately be pulled. spoke to a representative of Showtime on Sunday, who said the series remained on the table for the network. After finding out about the tweets posted by Lynch, the network put forth another statement to express their sadness that Lynch would not be returning to Twin Peaks. The statement continued to say that Showtime was still “hold[ing] out hope” that a deal with Lynch would be struck and that Twin Peaks will still go on under the direction of Lynch and co-creator Mark Frost.

Showtime announced in October that Lynch and Frost, who were also executive producers of the series, would be returning. The two men have already finished writing the new episodes of Twin Peaks. Production had been scheduled to begin this year and to air in 2016.

Twin Peaks was a parody of prime-time soap operas, and often delved into the absurd. The serial drama involved an FBI agent named Dale Cooper, played by Kyle MacLachlan, who investigates the murder of Laura Palmer, a homecoming queen from a logging town in the Pacific Northwest called Twin Peaks. Cooper’s investigation into the death of Palmer unearths bizarre and supernatural happenings. Showtime confirmed in January that MacLachlan was on board for the new series.

Film director Lynch has had a successful Hollywood career and is known for his surrealist movies. His first movie, Eraserhead, was released in 1977 and quickly became a cult classic. He gained mainstream success when he directed The Elephant Man, which came out in 1980. The success of that movie was followed by Dune in 1984, which was a box office and critical failure. His next film, Blue Velvet, in 1986, earned high praise from critics and has become a classic of the neo-noir genre. His next projects were the Twin Peaks TV series and movie, after which his success in various genres continued.

Lynch himself told the Australian radio show Books and Arts in March that he and Showtime were “still working on a contract.” Cast member Kimmy Robertson has already spoken out about the news of Lynch’s departure from the Twin Peaks reprisal. The actress, who played Lucy Moran, the secretary of the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department, on the original TV show, posted a note to Facebook saying, “Dear Showtime….I hope you’re happy.”

By Jennifer Pfalz

Los Angeles Times

Image courtesy of bswise – Flickr License

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