Jaden Smith Not Interested in Gender Norms and Likes Dresses

Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith was spotted wearing a dress, leading to many people questioning why. It turns out that the son of Will Smith is not interested in gender norms and likes dresses and other girl’s clothes. He decided it was time to show off his personal style to the world, and offer support to others who feel the same way.

The 16-year-old actor was spotted in Calabasas this week wearing the dress. Underneath, he worse cut-off jeans, but possibly just in case the dress blew up in the wind more than anything else. He also had a netting top over the dress, opting for leopard socks and sneakers to complete the outfit.

For many fans of the actor, it will not likely be a surprise to see the photos. He recently tweeted that he was wearing a dress, although some fans were not too certain whether to take his tweet literally. Now it seems that they should have done. He has also spoken out about his preference for clothes in the past, and said that he had been to TopShop to buy girl clothes.

Recently, Smith has said that he looks up to Albert Einstein for his clothing choices. The legendary scientist reportedly avoided changing clothes because there was just so “much other stuff to worry about.” The Karate Kid actor has black for everything almost because he knows that it will work with everything.

He has a very mature view of fashion and the celebrity world. Smith picks clothes because he enjoys wearing them, and not because of the blogs and paparazzi out there. He wants to live for himself, and finds it sad that some people choose outfits because of what others will think. He really wants to have fun, and questions that about everyone he meets.

It looks like his Hollywood dad is not that bothered about it. His parents have both recently praise their son for not being a “slave to money.” He buys items that he needs, and not because he has the money to spend. It is certainly a mature way to look at life, and will set him up for the future.

The biggest part of the news is the support that Smith will offer those with his similar state of mind. There are plenty of boys and men out there who want to rock a dress but worry about social stigma. The 16-year-old has just made a statement that says not to worry about what others think or feel. It is about having fun, and those who want to wear a dress should just do it anyway; do what feels comfortable. It works for women, too, who want to wearing men’s clothes.

He is not the first celebrity to offer this support to others. Lady Gaga has always worn clothes that she wants, rather than ones that are deemed socially appropriate. People love Lady Gaga for that, and now many will love the actor for this. Smith has made it very clear this week that he is not interested in gender norms and will wear dresses because he likes them, and others should follow suit.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham



Photo by El Hormiguero — Flickr License