Jimmy Fallon and Julia Louis-Dreyfus Participate in ‘Whisper Challenge’

Jimmy Fallon

It was a fantastic Wednesday night episode of the Tonight Show tonight, as host Jimmy Fallon interviewed Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who stars in HBO’s hit series, VEEP, and he also had on as his second guest, Clint Eastwood’s son, Scott Eastwood, from the movie The Longest Ride. Later in the show, Fallon and Julia played Whisper Challenge. The musical guest of the evening was Flo Rida and the house band, The Roots, backed him up as he sang.

Jimmy Fallon came out onto the stage to a standing ovation. He talked about how “hot” the studio audience was, then he performed his monologue. Some of the jokes follow, somewhat paraphrased.

“Yesterday, Rand Paul officially announced he is running for president. Though he announced the news in Kentucky, parts of Washington, D.C., were temporarily blacked out.” Then, Fallon said that many of Rand’s video commercials were “bland.” Fallon showed an improved version, that made it look as if Rand was water skiing.

Jimmy Fallon said that “Senator McCain planned to run for a sixth term. He said he was still healthy and ready to run. He said his mother was 103 years old. Strange thing is, sometime his mother seems younger than he is.”

Fallon said “I read that Leonardo DiCaprio plans to open up an eco-friendly resort on an island.” He also mentioned sports news, about some NBA representatives visiting Cuba.

“The Cleveland Indians serve the best hot dog in baseball,” Fallon said. “A new survey says that baseball is watched more by people who are 55 and older.” He showed a clip of a supposed baseball game with the “announcers” using modern terms, concluding by saying that they “did not know what they were talking about.”

After The Roots played Fallon to his desk, he tried some spaghetti that a guest, Terry Mulligan, had made. He said “Fantastic! I love it!” Tomorrow, Madonna will be on the show, and she will perform a song from her latest album, Rebel Heart.

Jimmy Fallon said that “Friday, the guests will be Kevin James, Vanessa Hutchins, and magician, Dan White!” He then said tonight, Julia Louis-Dreyfus would be on, and play Whisper Challenge. He said that his second guest will be Scott Eastwood, then the musical guest will be Flo Rida.

Jimmy Fallon said that the NHL will begin their playoffs next week. He then did a Most Likely comedy bit about NHL players. He said that they were voted Most Likely…to do this or that. Matt Cullen was Voted Most Likely to Stand Behind You at a Book Store and Say ‘That’s a good one!”

“Next is Scott Darling, who was Voted Most Likely to Be There When his Friend Got Yelled at By His Mom. Next from the Blackhawks is Joaquin Nordstrom, Voted Most Likely to Say ‘Oh, splendid!’ When He Scores a Goal.” Then, the Tonight Show went to a commercial break.

Back from the break, Jimmy Fallon introduced his first guest, Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Fallon showed a copy of Entertainment with Julia on the cover and a goat also on the cover. Then, Fallon showed a clip of the goat trying to eat her dress. She told Fallon “The goat’s name was Mona, by the way.”

Then, Fallon showed an Instagram photo of Julia posing with a man who had a sign that said “Will Work for Julia Louis-Dreyfus Autograph,” though he had spelled her name wrong.

Julia then mentioned what was on another photo that Fallon showed, that her name was spelled wrong even on her Hollywood Star. She talked about how people often misspelled and/or mispronounced her name.

“Your son is going off to college. I bet it’s a bummer for you,” Fallon said.

“No, it’s not, but it seems like something that happens to old people. I’m not old, right? Right?” she asked the audience. They cheered.

Fallon told her that during her off-season, she could be a sidekick on his show. She wondered what she would do if she was one, saying she could sit off to the side and do a fake laugh. Then, he showed a video clip from VEEP, and it looked like it was from a pretty funny episode. Then, the Tonight Show went to another commercial break.

After the commercials, Jimmy Fallon and Julia played the Whisper Challenge. One person would read something off of a card, while the other wore headphones. The object was to read the other person’s lips and guess what he or she was saying. He said “Salted Peanuts.” Julia said “Sausage penis.”

Then, Julia read “Uptown Funk You Up.” Jimmy Fallon said “Are we allowed to say that?” Then, he realized what she had said, and told her what it was, exactly.

He read “Hoda Kotb.” Julia said “Origami.” He said it again, and she said “Huh?”

The last one Julia read was “Wipe That Smile Off Your Face.” He said “Women’s smelly overalls.” She read it a few times. Fallon said “My left wrist, my right wrist.” He did not ever get that one right.

Jimmy Fallon

When the Tonight Show returned after more commercials, host Jimmy Fallon introduced the second guest of the evening, Scott Eastwood, who stars in the movie The Longest Ride. As Fallon introduced him, The Roots played a bit of the song, Slow Ride.

Jimmy Fallon called Scott’s dad “the coolest guy.” He said “You’ve appeared in a few of his films. Did you have to audition for him?”

Scott said that he did have to, and he talked with Fallon about sending somebody he knew a Glitter Bomb. He said that there was glitter everywhere when it went off. The guy he had sent it to had been investigating about who had done it, and Scott finally came clean on national TV and said he had been behind the Glitter Bomb.

They then talked about The Longest Ride, based on a Nicholas Sparks novel. In the movie, Scott plays a bull rider. He said after the movie was filmed, he went behind Fox’s back, and he actually rode a bull. Fallon showed the clip of it, and Scott getting thrown and almost trampled by the bull. Then, Fallon showed a clip from the movie. In the clip, Scott’s character escapes getting gored by a bull, but loses his hat. A young lady retrieves it for him, and he tells her “Keep it,” and she puts the hat on her head.

Jimmy Fallon

After yet more commercials, when the Tonight Show came back on, Jimmy Fallon introduced his musical guest of the evening, Flo Rida. Flo Rida sang GDFR from his latest EP, My House. The initials stand for “Going Down For Real.” Flor Rida gave an awesome performance, backed up by some pretty hot-looking female dancers. Flo Rida proved that he is still one of the hottest musical artists around.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon had a great mid-week episode tonight. Host Jimmy Fallon played Whisper Challenge with his first guest, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and talked with her about her HBO comedy series, VEEP. Then, he welcomed his second guest, Scott Eastwood, the son of Clint Eastwood. Scott and Jimmy talked about Scott’s latest movie, The Longest Ride. The musical guest of the Tonight Show was the awesome musical artist, Flo Rida.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Jimmy Fallon and Julia Louis-Dreyfus Participate in Whisper Challenge

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