Jimmy Fallon, Madonna and The Roots Perform Holiday

Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show tonight was extra special, as Madonna was one of host, Jimmy Fallon’s, guests, for the first time ever on the Tonight Show. Also, actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau from the HBO series, Game of Thrones, was another guest. Madonna performed a song off of her latest album, Rebel Heart, later in the episode.

The Tonight Show started with Jimmy Fallon getting a standing ovation from his studio audience. He talked about what a hot crowd they were, and welcomed them; then he did his monologue. He cracked jokes about topics like President Obama visiting Jamiaca. “Speaking of Obama, he said that Clinton would do great as a presidential candidate. When asked how Biden would do, he said ‘Hillary Clinton will do great.'”

Then, Fallon joked about a group called Draft Biden 2016. “They’re starting to sell bumper stickers that say ‘I’m Ridin’ With Biden.’ That’s better than what the women around the White House are saying, ‘I’m hidin’ from Biden.'”

“In celebrity news, Lorde and Taylor Swift squashed rumors that they were fighting,” Fallon said. Then, he did a comedy bit about celebs that are supposedly feuding, called “What’s the Beef?” It was a pretty humorous segment.

Jimmy Fallon said “Season 5 of Game of Thrones premieres this week!” To celebrate it, he showed a montage that his staff created, of scenes from Game of Thrones, to the song I’m So Excited. Then, the house band The Roots played him to his desk.

Fallon said that Kevin James will be on the show tomorrow night, and tonight, Madonna will be on. “She has been here rehearsing since yesterday,” he said. The song she will be singing is called B***h, I’m Madonna. “It’s so awesome — oh, my God!” Fallon said. He hinted that he and Madonna might perform “a throw-back Madonna track.”

Host Jimmy Fallon then did his weekly hashtag segment. He asked viewers to respond to the hashtag #MyCrazyFamily. “Within ten minutes, it was a world-wide trending topic,” Fallon said.

The first response that Jimmy Fallon read off was “I once saw my dad running on a treadmill with a beer and cup holder.” Another was “My grandma always straightens out her clothes before answering the phone, as if the person on the other end can see her.”

Fallon also read “When someone drops an ice cube onto the floor, my mom says ‘One more for the sink god!’ We all shout ‘All hail to the Sink God!'” and he also said “When my family watches Jimmy Fallon, we all clap when the audience does.” After that, the Tonight Show went to a commercial break.

When the Tonight Show came back on, Jimmy Fallon said “My favorite Madonna song is Holiday.” He and The Roots, and Madonna, did a version of the song, using Elementary School instruments. Madonna sang, of course, to start off the song. Fallon sang parts of it with her. It was INCREDIBLE, and it is destined to become a trending video on YouTube. The show cut to more commercials, but Fallon said Madonna will be on after the break.

Finally, the time arrived in the episode when Jimmy Fallon introduced Madonna. He said “She has won multiple Grammy awards and has sold over 300 million records.” Madonna took a seat and Fallon said “You’re the raddest!”

“I wore all of my gold chains for you,” she told him. He said that she had taught him a dance move when he was host of the Late Show. Madonna asked him if he remembered it, and he said “Yes.” Then, he and Madonna both did the dance move. “That’s my ‘go-to’ dance move,” Fallon said. “I do it all of the time.”

Madonna told Fallon that she “forgot the words to the song” when they did Holiday. She said she had such a massive catalogue, she often forgets the words.

Madonna told Jimmy Fallon “I’m not cool enough for my kids.”

“Do they inspire you to write songs?” Fallon asked her.

“Yes, they inspire me,” Madonna replied. They talked about the many collaborators on the album, like Avicii, Kanye West and Diplo. She said that her kids loved Diplo’s music.

“The performance that you’re going to do later in the show is the best thing ever!” Jimmy Fallon said. “I don’t know how you pull it off — you’re amazing! More of Madonna after the break, everybody!”

Fallon showed Madonna on three different versions of the cover of Cosmopolitan. “Do you miss the early days?” Fallon asked.

“The best part of the early days was that there were no expectations. You took yourself everywhere, like on the subway,” Madonna answered. She said that  did that “until I was discovered.”

“New York was a very different place then,” Madonna told Fallon. She said that break dancing was popular, and there was “more graffiti.” She said she would like to do some smaller, acoustic sets sometimes, and “throw in a few jokes.” Fallon said that she could “do some stand-up comedy now, if you want to.”

Jimmy Fallon re-introduced Madonna, saying she was “making her comedy debut tonight.”

She said she would “talk about what I know.” Then, she said “I date younger guys.” She mentioned looking at her son, without thinking, and asking him at the breakfast table “Do you know any friends that might want to meet me?”

Then, Madonna talked about a 26-year-old who asked her about her Andy Warhol paintings. He asked her “Did you know the guy? It’s funny, funny because he thought I knew him.” She then mentioned dating a 28-year-old and he said that he knew one of the paintings she had “was a Picasso.” He said “He painted the Mona Lisa, right?” She added “I broke up with the guy.”

After yet more commercials, when the Tonight Show returned, host Jimmy Fallon introduced the second guest of the show, actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, from Game of Thrones. “We’re almost like twins,” Fallon said. Nikolaj said “That was so amazing,” about Madonna’s stand-up comedy routine. Nikolaj talked about growing up in Denmark, and making “clappers” in wood shop. “We would use them to scare the animals towards the hunters, who would basically shoot them down,” he told Fallon. He has two daughters, 11 and 14. “Are you an embarrassing dad?” Fallon asked.

“Yeah, it’s sort of part of the job description,” he said.

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon taught Nikolaj the dance move that Madonna had taught him, saying “Your kids should love that! That’s the ultimate embarrassing thing.” They then talked about Game of Thrones.

“This year, there’s a lot of stuff that isn’t in the books,” Nikolaj said. “My whole story line isn’t in the books.” That was all the time that Fallon had to spend with Nikolaj, as he had talked with Madonna for much of the episode, and he had to make sure that there was time left for her musical performance.

Madonna started out her performance in her dressing room. A sock puppet was singing the initial part of the song. Madonna then danced down the hallway, singing, and incorporating everybody she met into the performance. Then, on the Tonight Show stage, she and a lot of other dancers danced as Madonna continued to sing. Even Questlove sang the refrain, “B***h, I’m Madonna!” as he played the drums. What a KILLER performance!

On the Tonight Show tonight, it was an incredible episode, and Madonna sang Holiday with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots, besides performing at the end of the show. She took up much of the show, but her interactions with host, Jimmy Fallon, were so entertaining, and her stand-up comedy routine so cool, it did not really matter. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau was, perhaps, short-changed; but, he was still a great guest, also. Hopefully, he will be on again for a longer time, to talk more with Jimmy Fallon.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Jimmy Fallon, Madonna and The Roots Perform Holiday

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