Jimmy Fallon Welcomes Louis C.K. And Sophia Bush to ‘Tonight Show’

Jimmy Fallon

On the Tonight Show this Tuesday, April 7, host Jimmy Fallon welcomed to the show comedian Louis C.K., who stars in his own TV series, Louie, and actress Sophia Bush, from the TV series Chicago P.D. The musical guest of the Tonight Show was the band, Who Is Fancy?, with lead singer, Jake Hagood, rocking the studio out.

Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon, began the episode by doing his monologue. Fallon joked about topics and news like Senator Rand Paul joining the 2016 Presidential race, along with Senator Ted Cruz. Fallon then commented that “Hillary was planning on traveling by herself, without Bill. He was too busy high-fiving people to respond to questions.”

Jimmy Fallon talked about the massive power outage that hit Washington, D.C. It lasted only about ten seconds. Fallon then showed supposed tweets from the secret service about TV series like I Love Raymond and Friends, and he congratulated Duke on their victory last night.

“Everyone’s talking about the new high-speed action film Furious 7,” Jimmy Fallon mentioned. He sent out a staff member to ask people on the street about the movie. He gave them a steering wheel and blew a high-powered fan in their faces as he asked them questions.

“A new survey found that a growing number of Millenials want to work at home and get more time off,” Fallon said. He also joked about “a new study that showed that students who write out their notes rather than typing them have a better understanding of the material presented.”

The Roots played Jimmy Fallon to his desk, and he said that Julia Louis-Dreyfuss will be on the show tomorrow, and Madonna will be on this coming Thursday. Then, he said that Louis C.K. will be on tonight, and also Sophia Bush from Chicago P.D. Fallon said “Tonight, we will learn who the man or woman is behind Who Is Fancy?”

After that, Fallon took a look at the Pros & Cons of Being in Space for a Year. “Pro: It’s just one year and it’s over. Con: That’s what Obama keeps telling himself. Pro: Imagine all the fun you can have in zero gravity. Con: Doing one of those flip things, and then realizing how much time you still have left in the year. Pro: Missing out on a year of election coverage. Con: Returning home to hearing ‘Welcome home! I’m President Taylor Swift.'” The Tonight Show then went to a commercial break.

When the Tonight Show came back on, host Jimmy Fallon introduced the first guest of the episode, Louis C.K. “You almost danced for a moment!” Fallon said.

“Did it look like I almost danced? I’m one of those guys who, at weddings, if asked to dance, I say ‘No!'” Louis C.K. said.

Louis and Jimmy Fallon talked about the mayor of New York City wanting to have “zero pedestrian deaths.” Louis said “That will never happen. That would mean zero stupid people.”

Louis C.K. talked about an embarrassing moment when he tried to urinate immediately before he was supposed to meet the mayor, and he accidentally defecated, because he tried too hard. He had wet underwear but could not do anything about it. He said there were all of these important people, and he said “I had to stand there 40 minutes, with poop in my pants.”

“I have something on my mind,” Jimmy Fallon said. Fallon was told he had auditioned for a show, and he asked Louis C.K. about it. “You auditioned for The Dana Carvey Show,” Louis C.K. said. “You came in with a guitar and sang songs about little troll dolls that you had brought with you. You said ‘This song  is one if a troll doll sang like Neil Diamond.’ We had our meeting about who will be on the show, and all the women wanted you on. I said ‘Never! I will quit if he makes the show.’ I was jealous, already getting fat and balding. I torpedoed your chances of getting on the show. I really did!”

“I can’t believe that! You squashed my dreams!” Fallon said.

“I took something away from you, and look at you now!” Louis C.K. said.

“You want me to thank you?” Jimmy Fallon asked.

After another commercial break, the Tonight Show came back on, and Jimmy Fallon talked a bit longer with Louis C.K. Louis said “You made a dumb choice with your life wanting to be a successful comedian. There are not that many successful comedians out there. There are some right now, living out of their cars, because they are on the road all of the time.”

He and Jimmy Fallon chatted about being on the road when they were just starting their careers. One person would give comedians cash, from out of an envelope. Louis C.K. said “You pour yourself out, and you might get $800 or $1,000.” He said one night, after having brought people in and packed the house for a week, he was handed $10,000. He said “What’s that for?” and the guy told him, “You made that — this is what you earned for bringing people in.” He said “I almost cried.”

Louis C.K. said “Don’t watch this, I’m dirty,” indicating himself. “Watch Fallon, he’s clean.” Jimmy Fallon laughed and showed a clip from Louis C.K., about a cop recognizing him on the street and saying “I’ll give you a call!” Then, the Tonight Show went to yet another commercial break.

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon’s second guest of the night on the Tonight Show was actress Sophia Bush, one of the stars of Chicago P.D. She said “I need to talk to you about something.” She talked with Fallon about the hashtag bit she did with Jimmy Fallon, and she showed him a clip where people advertising cars also did the hashtag bit.

Then, Sophia related a story about a Christmas present set on top of a flaming candle. She said that her mom took photos of the fire and people trying to put it out. She said her dad was a photographer, and had taken pictures of the actress, Sophia Lauren. She told Fallon that she was named after her, and Fallon showed a photo of her as an infant being held by Sophia Lauren. Jimmy Fallon said that Who Is Fancy? would be the next guest on the Tonight Show after another commercial break.

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon introduced Who Is Fancy?, who performed their hit song, Goodbye, on the Tonight Show. First, two women lip synced the lyrics, then two guys, then a woman, and another man. finally, the actual singer was revealed, a man, Jake Hagood. It is kind of hard to tell, just listening to the song, if it is a man or woman singing it; but, it is a great song, which is really all that matters. At the end of the song, Jake turned around, with his back facing the audience. He then turned back around, placed his hand up by his mouth, and blew the confetti on his palm out.

What a great Tuesday episode of the Tonight Show! Host Jimmy Fallon and his two guests, Louis C.K. and actress Sophia Bush, provided a lot of entertainment and laughs, something much needed after a long day at work. Musical guest, Who Is Fancy?, concluded the show with a cool song, and the answer was revealed about who the lead singer of the band is, Jake Hagood.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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