Libyan Migrants Drown After Boat Capsizes in Mediterranean

Libyan migrants

According to initial reports, as many as 41 Libyan migrants have drowned after their small boat carrying refugees capsized in the Mediterranean Sea. An Italian media outlet said on Thursday this is just the next incident in what has been a string of similar instances of refugees drowning in the Mediterranean Sea after attempting to make the long journey on makeshift vessels. This is just days after 400 migrants drowned after another wreck.

There were only four survivors from the sinking boat. They told Italian law enforcement officials and humanitarian organizations that their inflatable boat sank just after embarking from the coast of Libya for the European coast with 45 people on board. The Libyan migrants were spotted by an Italian naval vessel, which was alerted by an aircraft. The four surviving migrants stated the inflatable vessel began losing air quickly after leaving, forcing them into the sea.

In the past few months, violence in the Libya has forced many refugees to flee the country to Europe. Unfortunately, hundreds have died trying to make the journey across the Mediterranean Sea.

By Alex Lemieux


The Straits Times

Photo by Hadi Zaher – Flickr License


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