‘Lip Sync Battle’: Mike Tyson vs Terry Crews [Recap]

Lip Sync Battle

Tonight’s episode of Lip Sync Battle on Spike TV featured the much-anticipated lip sync battle between Mike Tyson vs Terry Crews. Ever since the show was announced, and fans learned that Tyson would lip sync to the Salt-N-Pepa song, Push It, the excitement has been building. Lip Sync Battle fans also got the good news today that Spike TV has renewed the series for 20 more episodes!

Host LL Cool J introduced the two worthy opponents. Boxing ex-heavyweight Mike Tyson is a big guy, but he still looked dwarfed standing next to the former NFL star and actor, Terry Crews, who took every opportunity during the show to play to the audience and flex his pecs. The early money was on Mike Tyson to win tonight, but Terry Crews just might have what it takes to beat the ex-champ and take home the Lip Sync Battle belt.

The competition between the two men should prove to be fierce, but it will be difficult to beat the entertainment value of last week’s episode, when The Office actor and Lip Sync Battle executive producer, John Krasinski, went up against actress Anna Kendrick. Krasinski rocked a shimmering dress as he got down and lip synced the Tina Turner hit, Proud Mary, though Anna pulled out the big guns by having Jennifer Lopez come onto the stage as she was singing the Lopez hit, Booty. Anna Kendrick ended up winning.

“Iron Man” Mike Tyson opened up the competition tonight on Lip Sync Battle. He lip synced to The Rolling Stones’ hit, Satisfaction. Tyson was entertaining to watch, but his dance moves were…well, they were definitely energetic.

The song that Terry Crews lip synced first on Lip Sync Battle was the old Run DMC classic, Sucker MC’s. He told LL Cool J that performing this song helped him get dates in high school. Not to be outdone by Tyson, Crews worked the audience, also, and worked his pecs, for the pleasure, presumably, of the women in the audience.

Lip Sync Battle

The second round of the show was even better, as both competitors got to go all out, and wear costumes and use back-up dancers. Terry Crews took the Lip Sync Battle stage first, this time. He lip synced to the Vanessa Carlton song, 1000 Miles. Crews KILLED this song, and the dancers behind him even danced with ribbon batons. He also once again flexed his pecs, trying to get every vote possible with his performance.

Next up was Mike Tyson, who really needs to bring it in order to win tonight. This was the performance that fans had been waiting for, as Tyson lip synced to Push It. Unfortunately for him, he seemed to be concentrating more on his energetic…umm…dance moves than attempting to actually lip sync to the lyrics.

The time finally came at the conclusion of Lip Sync Battle to find out who won. LL Cool J asked for the audience to applaud as he announced the names of the two competitors, to determine who the winner was of the lip sync battle. LL Cool J then said that the winner was none other than…Terry Crews! It was an entertaining battle tonight, as always, but it did not go Mike Tyson’s way, as he seemed to have forgotten that the object was to try to be the best at actually lip syncing songs.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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