Pink Hammers Body Slammers, Singers Worth Their Weight


It seems like only yesterday Kelly Clarkson was the recipient of body shamers sizing her up, not her singing. Now, it is Pink’s turn (or according to her albums, P!nk’s turn). Singers from Adele to Iggy Azalea to Christina Aguilera as well as Clarkson and Pink have been criticized for their figures from the same people who praise their pipes. As Pink cheekily hammers her body slammers, these and other singers worth their weight and more in talent deserve better from critics and the public.

Pink attended a cancer benefit event Saturday night in Beverly Hills., Calif. The 35-year-old singer, who attended with her husband Carey Hart,wore an elegant black gown to the soirée. The following day, the Internet and social media were filled with negative comments on her appearance, particularly how heavy she looked.

On Sunday, Pink took to social media to react to the body slammers trying to shame her and other singers about their weight. With her usual insouciance and positive self worth shining, she tweeted, “I can see that some of you are concerned about me from your comments about my weight.” Pink went on the admit that her dress did not look as good in the photos than she thought it did in her kitchen, but flat out said she felt pretty in it.

Then, she told the “good and concerned” people who were commenting online not to worry about her. Pink noted that her “healthy, voluptuous and crazy strong body is having some much deserved time off,” and declared, “I am perfectly fine, perfectly happy.“

Pink has never positioned herself as a supermodel. One can presume that her 2010 contract with Cover Girl was partly predicated on her looks, but also to show they can appear to an edgier crowd than Ellen DeGeneres. The point was her name and her face, not her formally toned abs before having daughter Willow.

Yes Pink was in amazing shape with she performed a Cirque De Soleil style number singing Glitter in the Air while acrobaticly dangling above the audience at the 52nd Grammy Awards. That was five years ago and before giving birth to her daughter.

Pink has no problem with her slight weight gain. Why should her critics? What is with people constantly harping on the way women singers look (too thin, too fat, too flat, too whatever). Do people comment about the Madden brothers, Pete Wentz or other males if they put on a little weight?

It is one thing if the person’s performance or singing is impacted. Pink will probably get herself into great shape before touring again much like Britney Spears did. Kelly Clarkson will probably lose the baby weight. But, does it really matter what size someone wears when listening to her records? That was one thing that was refreshing about the public reaction to Adele; it was all about her voice and the songs. Does Christina Aguilera sing better (or offer better coaching advice on The Voice) now that she lost weight)?

Even an actress most consider to be thin – Jennifer Garner – has acknowledged that her belly is not flat after three kids. Does that affect her acting?

Whether someone is a size 2 or a size 12 or a size 22, judge them on their talent and the material they present (great singers can record not-so great material). Stop the haters from declaring open season on celebrities’ looks. If everyone hammers the body slammers like Pink or ignores them completely, people can get back to respecting a singer’s worth by their voice not their weight.

Opinion by Dyanne Weiss

Fox News
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