Pretty Little Liars: The Good Girl, I Am [Recap/Review]

Pretty Little Liars

After a couple of bad weeks on Pretty Little Liars, it looks like The Good Girl, I Am finally got to something exciting. At the start of season five, there is no way fans would have guessed that all four Liars would have ended up behind bars together. One or two maybe, but not all of them.

Right now, it is too late to tell the truth. A has spun her web and it is too tight for the girls to get out of. They realize it a moment too late, and it is all building up to the big reveal in the season five finale of Pretty Little Liars in a week’s time.

One moment that may not be a shock, considering how previous seasons have gone, was that Lesley was the one to give the police the ammo they needed against the Liars. It makes sense for it to be her. She cared for Mona and the Liars are suspicious without knowing the full reason why. Looking back, the girls should have said what was going on from the first episode rather than letting it get this far. It is still possible that Lesley is being used by A, but right now she is just looking out for her friend.

Ezra is back and Aria is still relying on him. When Mike wants to turn himself in, Aria stops him and asks Ezra to help. Caleb is there too, but he is out to protect Hanna and wants Mike to testify. It is a difficult time for Mike with a real devil and angel on his shoulders. Mike takes off in Ezra’s car only for what looks like a CW takeover. Mike, Ezra and Caleb are attacked by arrows, and Mike ends up tied to a tetherball pole. To top it all off, when Ezra and Caleb help free Mike and take the evidence to Lt. Tanner, she wants nothing to do with it believing that it is all a conspiracy. Is it possible that she has been in on the A plan all this time on Pretty Little Liars, and The Good Girl, I Am is the start of that reveal?

Before the girls get arrested, there is the hope of another witness. The Pretty Little Liars need to get a girl with a floral jacket—Kendra—to come forward as a witness. She is not sure about it yet, though. What is the bet that she is getting texts from A, too, and is too scared to say anything? Ella manages to convince Kendra, but Ali’s lawyer is not too certain it will hold up. Kendra was under the influence at the time.

It is time for Ali to take the stand, and Ali’s lawyer seems to have a strong defense on Pretty Little Liars. A broken arm weakened Ali and she cannot even throw a grapefruit. However, the prosecution brings up the archery trophy that Ali once won. There is certainly someone with excellent archery skills and it is not The Hood, so it must be this campmate that Ali coerced into winning the trophy for her. The question is who that could now be.

The jury has no choice but to find Ali guilty of murder. It would be a heartbroken moment, if it was not for the fact that Lt. Tanner uses that moment to arrest the remaining three Pretty Little Liars in The Good Girl, I Am.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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