Sandra Bullock Flattered but Uninterested in Most Beautiful Woman Title


Sandra Bullock, the Oscar-winning actress, has been named the Most Beautiful Woman in 2015 by People magazine. Even though the majority of the world would say that she is very beautiful, the magazine has claimed they did not choose her based upon her outer appearance, they chose her because the sincerity, realness and appreciation she has for life makes this woman absolutely stunning, thus the perfect choice. Even though Bullock is very flattered by the honor, she is also uninterested in People’s given title of Most Beautiful Woman.

In the past, People magazine has been criticized for being a very superficial, shallow magazine that sends readers the message that beauty really is only skin deep. To prove those accusations to be false, the magazine has switched up the way they go about picking and choosing the celebrities they name to be the most beautiful.

Instead of going for the obviously good-looking person, based on the standards of beauty according to the perception of Hollywood, the magazine focuses more on the very accomplished, sophisticated trail blazer type, and then praises her for being such a great representation of women. Where it gets a little bit blurry though, is how the celebrities who grace the cover of People magazine are all very thin, quite gorgeous and, for the most part, predictable.

The flattering decision to honor Bullock with the title, Most Beautiful Woman, is actually rather fascinating because she really does encompass everything that the magazine tries to portray, but nonetheless it does not exactly interest her much. Ever since she started in the business, she has never allowed Hollywood to change her. Her beauty comes from her carefree, charismatic and charming, in the way that only she can be, personality that keeps her exuding a certain level of magnificence that could never be faded with time.

The 50-year-old Academy Award winner for best actress for her role in The Blind Side has a much deeper interpretation of what the word beautiful means. To Bullock, beauty is still and silent. She explains that Hollywood is overflowing with image-obsessed people, who bleed materialism. In such an acquisitive industry, beauty really does stand for all the things that a person can see, which requires nothing more than a quick glance. Bullock, who was shocked to have been named Most Beautiful over some of her competitors, says she does her best to maintain a reasonable amount of normalcy in her life.

The people who the actress finds to be the most beautiful are the ones who do not try to be. Bullock admits to the challenges that come with celebrity. For example, feeling as though there is a constant pressure to have to look a certain way and always having to make a conscious effort to stay grounded and keep from getting swept up in the fake-ness of it all.

Once the Gravity star became a mother to her now 5-year-old son Louis, she realized her purpose for living was to be his mother. She claims that Louis is the real reason that she has become so intuitive of her feelings and much more thoughtful about life itself. Her son allowed her to truly understand what is important in life, and she says she will do her very best to keep him from losing sight of what matters as he gets older.

Bullock confessed that her son does not even know what she does for a living. She likes it better that way, because it lets her know that she is succeeding in giving him the life and upbringing that she wanted most for him. Bullock is hopeful to be one of those moms that children are embarrassed of during those certain stages of growing up. Through the last five years of her life being a mom, Bullock says that Louis is the person who has never made her feel more beautiful. Although Bullock’s given title of Most Beautiful Woman by People magazine is still quite flattering to her, it does not interest her in the least. Aside from crediting her juicing and weekly workout routines, she says Louis and the role she plays as his mother is what genuinely makes her feel like the most beautiful person that she could ever want to be.

Opinion By Kameron Hadley


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