The Originals: City Beneath the Sea [Recap/Review]

The Originals

City Beneath the Sea made it clear that The Originals is all about sibling against sibling. By the end, Klaus had done something nobody ever thought possible, and Davina was one step closer to keeping her promise to Kol.

Klaus has been on a road to redemption, until this week. After being daggered, he is against his family and agrees to kill Hayley and hand Hope over to Dahlia, more of punishment. It does not help that while daggered Dahlia could get inside Klaus’ head, which could have done more damage than any of the Mikaelsons want to admit.

Dahlia gets the chance to show Klaus her story. The viewers finally got to see that the two are very much alike, with how Dahlia was forced to perform dark magic for the Vikings, while Esther got to live a carefree existence. At the same time, Esther admits that she wants to marry one of the Vikings, who forced the sisters out of their home. Dahlia makes a very good point on this week’s The Originals. She is viewed as a villain because she did not want the same thing as Esther; just like Klaus is the villain because he has done everything different to his brothers and sisters.

The question is why Hope should be with Dahlia. It turns out that firstborn witches are the most powerful, but struggle to contain those powers. Hope will have it even worse with her werewolf-vampire hybrid sides. Freya struggled a lot, and Klaus gets to see that. Dahlia can help Hope control her powers, and will use the lessons she learned with Freya to actually help Hope. However, it does mean that Hayley has to die.

City Beneath the Sea made it clear just how powerful Dahlia is in The Originals. With some dust, Klaus was able to wake up and pull the dagger out of himself. It was time for him to go to Dahlia with Hope.

Meanwhile, Freya is working with her siblings to kill Dahlia. First, they need to make her mortal and Freya wants to use Hope as bait. Elijah suddenly stops trusting his sister, and finds out the truth from Cami about Aiden’s death. The two decide they need to get to the jazz club with some dark objects, where Vincent is still trying to unlink the teenagers from Rebekah. The dark objects will work as a decoy to get Dahlia, while Cami gets Davina in when Vincent no longer wants to work with magic.

Vincent does admit to Cami that for the plan to work they need a decoy with a heartbeat. It looks like Hope is needed after all, and Elijah goes to the bayou while Freya goes for Mikael’s ashes.

In the bayou, Hayley and Jackson are planning Aiden’s funeral, when Elijah shows up. There is a fight, as expected for The Originals, but Elijah easily holds Jackson off. All he wants is some blood from Hope, and Hayley readily agrees if it means keeping her daughter safe. Jackson soon realizes that Hayley wants to return to the compound, and Jackson cannot do that on The Originals, since he would not be the alpha the pack needs. The good news for Jackson is that Hayley chooses him; for now, at least.

When Freya promises that Hope will not get hurt, Elijah injects her with Hope’s blood, turning her into the bait. Afterwards, Freya and Klaus overhear a voicemail from Hayley to Rebekah. Hayley can never return. Hope should not be a Mikaelson with all the enemies that Klaus has. Rebekah knows that Hayley is right, but Klaus cannot agree. It leads to him definitely agreeing to Dahlia’s plan.

The Originals would not be the same without some magic to keep someone in place. Dahlia conjures up a storm to keep Hayley and Jackson in place.

Meanwhile, things are looking up for Davina. When Josephine’s coven turn to Vincent as their new leader, he suggests the Harvest Girl Davina. With her as leader, she will have enough power to resurrect Kol. City Beneath the Sea clearly sets The Originals up for Kol’s return by the season finale.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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