The Originals: When the Levee Breaks [Recap/Review]

The Originals

After last week’s final moments of The Originals, it was difficult to tell how everyone would react at the start of When the Levee Breaks. Klaus was just as expected—celebrating the death of Mikael again. The others acted a little differently. In fact, Elijah and Rebekah blamed Klaus for everything that has happened with Freya. Of course, Klaus just wants to deal with dear Aunt Dahlia himself. Will he ever learn to listen to others?

The Originals started with Josephine turning up, possessed by Dahlia. They have until nightfall to hand Hope over, but Klaus is not interested. He decapitates the already dead Josephine. Did nobody ever tell him not to shoot the messenger?

While that happens, Hayley is looking for new ways to protect her daughter. Dahlia senses Hope through her use of magic, so it means training her in all things witchcraft. Of course, that is not easy with a baby, so she needs help. She turns to Aiden and Davina, who steal the cuffs that stop the wearer from perform magic so Davina can put that magic into Hope. The baby can no longer perform magic, and it means Hayley and Jackson can run away with her.

During the episode, the siblings are pitted against each other. Freya offers Rebekah an ultimatum of her or Klaus, while Elijah realizes that his brother does not trust him. All he wants to know is where Mikael’s ashes are, but Klaus is just far too paranoid at the moment; much more than usual on The Originals, in When the Levee Breaks.

Dahlia gets into the safe house by whistling, and manages to tell Hayley why she wants Hope now. Freya was old enough to remember her family, but Hope will not be. That will mean Hope follows Dahlia perfectly.

During that, Cami gets Klaus to take a walk with him so she can give him one of his therapy sessions, but he pushes down all her suggestions and questions. All that The Originals fans do learn is that he knows Dahlia has rubbed off on Freya in some way, the same way that Mikael rubbed off on Klaus. That scares him.

Aiden finally tells Josh he loves him and wants to run away with him. Surprisingly, Jackson takes the news well—after a punch to the face—and welcomes Aiden back to the pack when he wants to return. It is a bittersweet moment, though. Just as Aiden is picking up flowers for Josh, Dahlia rips his heart out to send a message. It is time to really pit the siblings against each other. Davina and Josh find the body, helping Davina come up with a plan.

Josh is quick to blame Klaus, and he admits to a crime that he never did. Have they never learned on The Originals that there is something bigger and worse out there? Have they all forgotten that Dahlia could have done any of this? As they start to fight, Elijah steps in to warn anyone listening that going to Klaus will mean going at Elijah, too.

As Klaus tells Cami that he never killed Aiden but needs to be feared, Davina gives Rebekah and Marcel the dagger that will “put Klaus down.” Elijah gets to the compound to give Hayley and Jackson time to make a run for it, and then stabs Klaus with the dagger. Just as Klaus drops, the other two alive Mikaelson siblings walk in and the clock indicates that it is time for Dahlia in this week’s The Originals, When the Levee Breaks.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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