‘The Voice’: Live Playoffs Begin [Recap & Video]

The Voice

The Voice tonight began the Live Playoffs phase of the season, and the tension was high as members of the various teams finally got the chance to do vocal battle against members of the other teams. The competition was fierce, and the singing was incredible, as the first night of the Live Playoffs brought out the some of the best performances yet this season, as members of Team Pharrell and Team Blake took the stage of the The Voice.

The Voice host, Carson Daly, started off the episode by recapping last week’s episodes and introducing the coaches. Then, he said “For the first time ever, the power shifts to you!” That is because, starting tonight, the votes of viewers across America will determine who gets to move on and who will be eliminated.

“Only three artists from each team will advance,” Daly said. He added, “America, get ready to vote!”

Before the actual competition began on The Voice, coach Adam Levine and the rest of Maroon 5 sang their huge hit song, Sugar. They got the audience screaming, cheering, and clapping along as Adam sang. It was an AMAZING performance, and a great way to kick off the evening. All of the coaches gave him a standing ovation.

The first team member from Team Pharrell to do battle in the Live Playoffs on The Voice was Caitlin Caporale, who sang Best Thing I Never Had. Carson Daly wished Pharrell “Happy birthday.” Caitlin went head-to-head singing against Team Blake’s Sarah Potenza, who sang the Southern Rock classic, Free Bird.

Carson introduced Sarah first, singing a stripped-down version of Free Bird. She NAILED it, and her powerful vocals were showcased to their maximum with her performance. Wow, what an awesome job!

Christina said “I thought it was the perfect song choice for you. Free Bird; you embodied that. I just loved your emotion!”

Pharrell said “I thought it was a great song choice, as well.”

Adam said “It was almost like the guitar part was replaced by your vocals. It was a really cool take on the song.”

Blake said “When you work with Sarah, you will get a barrage of emails. This was her idea, swinging at the fence.”

Carson said “When we come back, Caitlin Caporale will sing on The Voice.” Then, the episode went to a commercial break.

Caitlin will need to give it her all to have a chance, as Sarah Potenza really rocked out her performance of Free Bird. The Voice host, Carson Daly, introduced Caitlin, who sang Best Thing I Never Had by Beyonce.

Caitlin did a terrific job, and engaged the audience right from the start as she sang. They clapped along, and Caitlin’s voice soared to the rafters.

Christina told Caitlin that her “high notes were great.”

Pharrell said “I’m very proud of you. Your embraced who you are.”

Host Carson Daly, said “This is The Voice! We’ll be right back.”

After the break, it was time for the second match-up of the night. From Team Blake, Hannah Kirby sang I Feel the Earth Move by Carol King. Hannah’s performance was another highlight of the night on The Voice. Hannah got a standing ovation.

Christina told her “It was my favorite performance of the night.”

Pharrell agreed, adding “Your voice didn’t crack one time. You are a singer!”

Blake said “I swear, Hannah’s possessed by the songs that she sings.” Then, The Voice cut to another commercial break.

Back from the break, from Team Pharrell, Lowell Oakley was up next. He sang the Nick Jonas hit, Jealous. Lowell really had the audience into his performance, in particular, the young ladies who were listening. They clapped and cheered as he sang, and the entire audience erupted in applause as he finished singing.

Blake was impressed with Lowell’s vocal range, and compared his falsetto to that of Jason Aldean. Christina told Lowell that she “loved it that you didn’t overdo anything,” and she called his performance and “Awesome job!”

Next on The Voice, from Team Pharrell, Mia Z sang an awesome version of Ain’t No Sunshine. Mia has such a wide vocal range and wonderful voice for someone as young as she is, and she KILLED this song with her performance.

Adam told Mia “I love that song so much!”

Blake said that he felt Mia was “the most under-rated singer on the show.”

Pharrell told Mia “What an amazing talent.” He added that he was “blessed” that she was on his team. After that, more commercials followed on The Voice.

Koryn Hawthorne from Team Pharrell then gave one of the night’s best performances, with her rendition of the gospel standard, How Great Thou Art. In rehearsals, Pharrell said he got chills listening to Koryn sing it. She also did a spectacular job singing it when The Voice host, Carson Daly, introduced her, pouring a ton of emotion into her performance.

Blake said “Welcome to the Top 12!”

Christina said “What a great song choice for you!”

When The Voice returned from another commercial break, Team Blake’s Corey Kent White sang. He said that his grandfather had passed away. Corey will be singing the Garth Brooks version of To Make You Feel My Love. “All my country eggs, you’re sitting on. don’t crack them, just sit on them,” Blake told Corey.

Then, The Voice host, Carson Daly, introduced Corey, and he did a great job singing this song, adding a lot of heart-wrenching emotion to it with his performance. He gave it his all, and held the audience spellbound.

Christina said “You have such a special way of engaging with the audience without having to do much at all. I have not seen a weak link in the chain yet.”

Pharrell told him “There’s also a certain level of sincerity in your performances, and that’s super-rare.”

Adam said “They’re totally right, but I felt that there could have been a little bit more of unbridled passion at the end of the song.”

Blake said “Adam has a point, there were opportunities to do things. But, I thought that was a great job, dude! I’m really proud of you.” The Voice then headed to yet more commercials.

Carson Daly, host of The Voice, said that on a special Wednesday night episode, the Top 12 will be revealed. After that announcement, we got to see Team Blake’s Brooke Adee, 16, meeting with Blake. Blake gave her the Ellie Goulding song, Love Me Like you Do, to sing.

Carson Daly introduced Brooke, and she showed a great stage presence, owning the stage and the song. The Voice audience clapped along as Brooke sang, and some of them waved their hands in the air. Brooke has a wide vocal range, and this was a perfect song choice for her tonight.

Christina said “I hear what you meant about going through the range. You were focused on your notes. Awesome job!”

Pharrell said “I love how you exercise the sweet part of your voice. In the future, I would like to see your own ad-libs.”

Adam said “I thought that was good. You seemed to want to stick to the plan too much. Moving forward, there’s a little to be done, but you’re great.”

Blake said “There’s definitely room to be looser, but you showcased what a great, impressive singer you are. I couldn’t be prouder of you.”

After another commercial break, The Voice came back on, and host Carson Daly talked about a singer Blake stole from Pharrell, Meghan Linsey. Blake said he gave Meghan Love Runs Out by OneRepublic to sing.

Meghan did an AMAZING job, hitting this song out of the ballpark with her performance, yet another of the many highlights tonight. The audience was clapping from the very start of the song, and Meghan poured her heart and soul into her performance.

Christina said “Great, so great! Congratulations, that was a great performance!”

Pharrell said “You’re a winner!”

Blake said “I don’t see how you don’t wind up in the Top 12 with a performance like that! That was a great job, sis — congratulations!”

From Team Pharrell, Sawyer Fredericks closed out The Voice. He sang the song, Trouble. He said that he wanted the first verse to come in a bit more quietly.

Carson Daly introduced Sawyer singing Trouble. He played the guitar as he sang. Sawyer sang a very heartfelt, soulful version of this classic hit. Again, wow! There have been so many highlights this episode, and Sawyer added yet another one with his excellent performance. The audience applauded wildly as he finished singing.

Adam said “You’re singing a song about being saved by a woman. It’s crazy — I’m such a huge fan of yours.”

Blake said “I got saved by a woman when I was 16 — but, that’s a whole different deal. You’re so good, man — I don’t care what happens on the show, you’re a star, man!”

Pharrell said “I consider you to be a super-rare natural. America and all those young ladies listening out there will completely understand.”

That was the conclusion of the first night of the Live Playoffs phase of The Voice. There were quite a few stand-out performances tonight, including Sarah Potenza’s singing her version of Free Bird, Koryn Hawthorne’s rendition of How Great Thou Art, and Sawyer Fredericks’ version of Trouble, to name just some examples. Tomorrow, members from Team Christina will go head-to-head singing against members from Team Adam on The Voice.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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