‘The Voice’: ‘Live Top 12 Performances’ [Recap & Video]

The Voice

With The Voice coaches now having just three team members each, the competition started getting hotter than ever. The Top 12 performed and the viewers of America will, once again, vote to determine who will be the next competitors to get eliminated. There were, as always, a lot of great musical performances on The Voice!

The host of The Voice, Carson Daly, started out the show by saying that Reba McEntire will be the mentor for all of the remaining competitors. Then, Carson introduced Hannah Kirby, who Blake saved last week. She will be singing the Stevie Nicks’ hit, Edge of Seventeen.

Edge of Seventeen is a very cool song. Hannah went out and pressed flesh with the outstretched hands of the audience, who were swaying their arms and clapping. Pharrell and Blake gave her a standing ovation.

Pharrell said “Now they understand. Now they get it.”

Adam said “You’re an amazing singer. Really an excellent job.”

Blake told her “You set the bar so high. I don’t know how you could humanly, possibly be a better vocalist than you are.”

When The Voice came back after the first commercial break of the show, host Carson Daly introduced the second person to perform tonight, Brian Johnson from Team Adam. He sang the Sting song, If I Ever Lose My Faith In You.

Blake told Brian “Every time you get on the stage you sing something that moves people. That’s priceless, man.”

Christina said “You struggled during the rehearsals, but you obviously overcame all of that.”

Adam said “Singing Sting is hard. You did a great job.” The Voice then went to another commercial break.

After the break, host Carson Daly introduced India Carney from Team Christina. India will be singing the Hozier hit, Take Me to Church.

During her live performance on The Voice, India sang an AMAZING version of this Hozier song! She went up to some of the audience members and pressed flesh with their outstretched hands. She NAILED this song!

Pharrell said “Man, you’re just like a professional! It was like you’re been doing this for years.”

Adam told her “You have fans. You can tell that there are people who are fans of yours. Awesome!”

Blake said “It’s hard to go from zero to a hundred. You stepped right into that — great job, Sis!”

Christina told India “I really saw a different person up there on that stage. I saw you connect with the audience in a way I haven’t seen yet. Great job!”

The next musical artist to perform on The Voice, after another commercial break, was Mia Z from Team Pharrell. She will be singing a song by The Rolling Stones, Miss You.

WOW! Mia sang very well in the lower registers, also, as she performed this classic hit. She did not sing some parts of the song as quickly as Mick Jagger, but she did an AMAZING job, other than that.

Adam told Mia “I applaud both Pharrell and — oh, that was your choice? You covered so much ground! I really enjoyed it.”

Blake said “I always love how inventive you are with the melody and how you sing it. You have the ability to do what only a handful of vocalists in the world can do.”

Christina said “It was so important that you took it to the stratosphere part of your voice. Great choice!”

When The Voice returned, Carson Daly introduced Deanna Johnson from Team Adam. Adam gave Deanna the Contemporary Christian song, Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) to sing. Adam told her “I need you to commit.”

Deanna did a terrific job, but seemed to sing it in maybe too low of a register. The audience loved how she sounded, though.

Blake told her “I couldn’t hear the first three or four lines you sang. Maybe it was because of the microphone. Great job!”

Christina said “I had a problem hearing the first few lines, too. Then, your voice sounded really beautiful. You looked lovely, too.”

The Voice host, Carson Daly, introduced Sawyer Fredericks, 16, from Team Pharrell. Pharrell gave Sawyer the John Lennon song, Imagine, to sing. Reba told him “You have a powerful voice! Wow!”

Sawyer did a great job singing this Lennon classic. He played the guitar as he sang. The females in the audience screamed as he sang at various points.

Adam told Sawyer “The way that this 16-year-old dude sings is unbelievable, the way your voice can fill a room.”

Blake said “You make everything you do seem right. When your voice went away there for a second, I loved that it went away for a second.”

Next on The Voice, Carson Daly introduced Rob Taylor from Team Christina. Christina and Reba suggested that Rob puts his trademark sound on the songs that he sings, maybe add a raspy quality to them.

Rob sang I Put a Spell On You. He did an AWESOME version of this iconic hit song, making it his own! All of the coaches gave him a standing ovation.

Pharrell said “Man, your family and friends back home must be super-proud of you. That was a masterpiece! You made the stage yours.”

Adam said “You definitely just pulled ahead in the race right now.”

Christina said “I’m just speechless! That’s the kind of performance I came back to The Voice for! Nice job, Rob!”

Carson then introduced Corey Kent White. He sang Why by Jason Aldean. Blake said that he should sound like he is upset, like he is trying to “win that girl back.”

Corey sound terrific singing Why. The audience erupted in applause and cheers as he finished singing.

Christina told him “Hey, another strong performance! You got that girl vote going for you.”

Adam said “I kind of feel like you’re just about at that place, you’re on the precipice of something great.”

Blake said “I agree with Adam. You’re a threat to win this show, man. Another great performance tonight, and it’s going to get better.”

Then, on The Voice, from Team Pharrell, Koryn Hawthorne sang. Koryn will be singing the Kelly Clarkson song Stronger. Koryn did a fantastic job singing this Kelly Clarkson song.

Blake said “She came out, absolutely slaying it! I’m gonna say it again — welcome to the Top Ten!”

Christina said “Each time you came out onto the stage, you gain more confidence. You came out not as Koryn, but as Tina Turner.”

Next on The Voice, Carson introduced Joshua Davis. He sang the Simon & Garfunkel song, America. Adam asked him not to play his guitar. It seemed to help, and possibly will allow Joshua to engage more with his audience.

It is an INCREDIBLE song, and Joshua did it justice with his version of it. The females in the audience seemed to really like how Joshua sang.

Christina said “It was really refreshing for me. You took me back to the movie Almost Famous.”

Pharrell told him “I thought that was your best performance yet. I thought it was really magical.”

Adam said “I know that you love this, and I went out and grabbed it. It was perfect, it really was.”

From Team Blake, Meghan Linsey sang Girl Crush from Little Big Town. Reba gave Meghan some great advice, about starting off singing it slowly.

Meghan sounded really great as she sang this Little Big Town hit. She sang it with a lot of emotion in her voice, and had the audience screaming and cheering as she performed it.

Adam told her “The only thing I don’t like about you is that you’re on Blake’s team. You KILLED it, you always KILL it.”

Blake told Meghan “You’re always hoping for that break out moment. I think that you had one tonight.”

Kimberly Nichole from Team Christina was the final musical artist to sing tonight on The Voice. Kimberly sang The House of the Rising Sun.

Kimberly began the song kind of slowly, but her voice quickly built up. She has such an intensity and power to her voice. She OWNED this song, blowing the audience away with her performance.

Blake said “I think we have to start looking at the possibility that Christina will win her first season on The Voice.”

Christina told her “I have not heard that version of that song ever. I’m going to go right out and buy it at iTunes.”

That was the conclusion of The Voice. Tomorrow night, two of the 12 musical artists who performed tonight will face elimination, but which two? They all did a great job of singing and it will be sad seeing any of them go. Tomorrow night will be another Must See episode of The Voice!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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