‘The Voice’: Live Top Ten Results Elimination Show [Recap]

The Voice

On The Voice tonight, the Live Top Ten Results Elimination Show, there was a double elimination. The musical artists left this season gave terrific performances last night, and viewers across America voted, to determine their fates. Only the competitors with the highest vote totals were safe tonight.

The Voice host, Carson Daly, began the show by introducing the coaches, and Pharrell and his team. They opened up the episode taking to the stage and singing the song I Don’t Want to Be. Pharrell began singing the song, then he was joined by his team members. They WAILED on this song, and the audience clapped along as they all sang.

Then, Carson Daly brought out the rest of the Top Ten, and he said it was time to reveal the results. “I have the names of the first two artists who are safe and will be moving on to next week’s live show. America saved, from Team Pharrell, Koryn Hawthorne! You are safe! America also saved, from Team Blake Shelton, Corey Kent White! The only country artist survives! Congratulations!”

Carson asked the coaches who would be advising their teams next week. Adam said Usher would be his team’s mentor, and Pharrell and Christina said that Gwen Stefani would be their teams’ advisor. Blake will have CeeLo Green advising his team. “He’s going to be awesome. I miss the guy,” Blake said.

Then, with the remaining eight musical artists on stage with The Voice host, Carson Daly, he read off “America saved — Sawyer Fredericks! Congratulations to Pharrell! America also saved — from Team X-Tina — India Carney! You will also move on to next week! Congratulations! Now, we’re going to take a break. Reba’s here to sing her new song next.”

After a break on The Voice, Carson Daly introduced Reba McEntire, singing. “She’s one of the most successful country musicians of all time. Give it up for the one, the only, Reba!” Reba sang her latest hit, Going Out Like That. She sang it at the ACM Awards show last Sunday, also. Reba had the audience clapping along right from the beginning of the song. Her voice sounds as great as ever.

Following her performance, Carson Daly brought the six remaining artists onto the stage and read the next two names off. “America saved — from Team Blake — Meghan Linsey moves on! She is saved and moving on, thanks to your votes! America also saved — from Team Christina — Kimberly Nichole! Adam will be joining his team singing after the break.”

When The Voice came back on, Adam and his two remaining team members, Joshua Davis and Deanna Johnson, performed. They sang The Joker, by Steve Miller. It was a great song choice for them to sing tonight. Adam played the electric guitar really well, also. Joshua and Deanna’s voices harmonized well as they all sang this iconic hit.

Carson said “Let’s bring out our four remaining artists. I will now announce the last artist saved by America’s votes. Here we go! America saved — Hannah Kirby! She’s moving on! Congratulations to Hannah Kirby. Rob Taylor, Deanna, Joshua, you will be singing for the Instant Save.”

Christina said of Rob “This is a guy who literally gave up his dream of going to music school to be on this show.”

Adam said “For our team, we’re struggling right now. Getting through that shows a lot of resilience. Getting through that says a lot for our team.”

The Voice host, Carson Daly, introduced Rob Taylor singing first for the Instant Save. He sang The Dock of the Bay. Rob sang the performance of his life, as the audience clapped along, and cheered at the end of the song.

Christina said “Rob is — beyond. This is a guy who sings from his heart and his soul. If there’s anybody who deserves to be here, it’s Rob. This is his shot to realize his dream. He deserves to be here. Give this guy his dream!”

After yet more commercials on The Voice, host Carson Daly introduced, from Team Adam, the second musical artist singing for the Instant Save. It was Deanna Johnson, who sang a beautiful, heartfelt song, Help Me Make It Through the Night. She put a ton of emotion into the performance, leaving her heart upon the stage. Will her performance be enough to get her the Instant Save?

Adam said “I was so blown away by the fact that you gave it your all, despite the nervousness you must have felt.”

Carson Daly then introduced Joshua Davis, from Team Adam. He sang the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ hit, I Won’t Back Down, making it his own. The audience clapped along right from the start as he sang. He played the guitar as he sang.

Adam said “First of all, it was a great choice. This guy works so hard — I think he’s incredibly talented. All of these guys, Joshua, Deanna and Rob, are amazing.”

The Voice host, Carson Daly, said that the time has started. America had five minutes to vote and Instantly Save one of the three competitors. Then, the show headed to another commercial break.

Carson said “You still have time to tweet and save one of these artists.” He asked Christina if she had any words to say. Christina told him “I know what it feels like to be an underdog. I commend you — I have so much respect and love for you. You have risen above, time and time again.” She sounded choked up, like she was about to cry.

Adam then spoke, saying that “The fact you can get up there and face elimination – honest to God, I don’t know what it feels like. I can’t even imagine what that must feel like. Deanna, you gave the best performance of your life. And Joshua, you sounded so strong vocally on that song.”

Carson said “The time has come. One of you will be Instantly Saved. America Instantly Saved — Joshua Davis!”

The Voice Live Top Ten Results Elimination Show concluded with the Instant Save of Joshua Davis. Rob Taylor and Deanna Johnson gave excellent performances, and hopefully they will both end up doing well and getting recording contracts. Joshua gave an AMAZING performance, and he will be moving on to next week’s live shows.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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