‘The Voice’: Top 12 Become Top 10 Results Show [Recap & Video]

The Voice

On The Voice tonight, the Top 12 competitors left became the Top 10 by the end of the hour-long Results Show episode. Viewers across America voted on who they wanted to stay on and continue on with the season, and the bottom three vote-getters faced the possibility of being eliminated. Viewers had the opportunity to “save” one of the three by means of an “Instant Save.” Also, Nick Jonas performed his hit, Chains.

The host of The Voice, Carson Daly, recapped the amazing performances by the Top 12 from last night. Then, he introduced the coaches, and the musical artist, Nick Jonas, who sang Chains. He made his performance into an elaborate production, complete with fog and well-choreographed dancers. The audience erupted in applause as he finished singing, then The Voice went to a commercial break.

After a commercial break on The Voice, Carson invited the Top 12 onto the stage, then read the first of the Results. “America ‘saved,’ from Team Christina, Kimberly Nichole! America also ‘saved,’ from Team Pharrell, Sawyer Fredericks! America saved, from Team Blake, Meghan Linsey!” More commercials followed the first of the Results that Carson Daly read off.

Then, on The Voice, Blake and his team, Meghan Linsey, Corey Kent White and Hannah Kirby sang In┬áthe Midnight Hour. The gave a soulful, rockin’ rendition of this iconic hit, and had the audience clapping along and cheering for them.

Carson had the remaining nine artists brought onto The Voice stage, and he read out more Results. “America ‘Saved,’ from Team Adam, Joshua Davis. America also ‘saved,’ from Team Christina, India Carney! America also ‘saved,’ from Team Blake, Hannah Kirby!” The Voice headed to another commercial break.

When The Voice came back on, host Carson Daly said “In a moment, I will reveal the Bottom Three vote-getters. But first, with Hotel California, give it up for Christina Aguilera and Team Christina!”

After their cool performance of the Eagles’ hit, Carson Daly showed the remaining competitors in candid, backstage moments. We got to hear some of their comments about their experiences on the show.

Carson then read out “America ‘saved,’ Koryn Hawthorne from Team Pharrell! America also ‘saved,’ Rob Taylor from Team Christina! One more name to read, and the remaining three will sing. America also ‘saved,’ Corey Kent White, from Team Blake!”

Mia Z, Brian Johnson, and Deanna Johnson were the Bottom Three Vote-Getters. Pharrell talked up Mia’s many great qualities, and Adam did the same for Brian and Deanna.

Mia Z sang Stormy Monday and NAILED it! It is really surprising that she is in the Bottom Three. She displayed her wide vocal range, and her ultra-sonic falsetto, KILLING this song.

Pharrell said “Let’s support different kinds of music. This is Mia Z, support this artist. She is special, she is different, and we love her.” After Pharrell’s comments, The Voice went to yet another commercial break.

When The Voice returned from the break, host Carson Daly introduced Brian Johnson from Team Adam. He sang the Lonestar song Amazed. Brian put his heart and soul into this performance, and did an…AMAZING job singing it. Was his performance good enough to get him “Instantly Saved,” though?

Adam said “This is a crazy show. For this guy to be singing for the ‘Instant Save’ is crazy. This guy is amazing, so vote for this guy.”

Then, Carson introduced Deanna Johnson. She performed the Bruno Mars song, It Will Rain. She did a terrific job, but with only one musical artist getting to be “Instantly Saved,” will she be the one?

Adam said “What would make me the happiest coach in the world is to have her ‘saved.'” This was paraphrased — it pretty much conveys what Adam said, though.

The Voice came back after the last commercial break, and Carson Daly announced the final Results and named who America “Instantly Saved.” Carson said “It is ridiculously close.” He asked Pharrell and Adam to say a few last words to their team members.

Carson Daly read out “The time has come! One of you was ‘Instantly Saved’ by America. America ‘Instantly Saved,’ Deanna Johnson!” Wow!

That was the end of The Voice Results Show. It sucked that Adam had two of his team members in the Bottom Three, but at least one of them was ‘saved,’ thanks to the votes of America. Mia Z and Brian both gave tremendous performances, and it was sad to see them eliminated from the competition.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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