’60 Minutes Sports’ Puts the World of Sports in the Spotlight

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In 2013, CBS took advantage of the success of its show, 60 Minutes, and decided to branch out to the sports world with the debut of 60 Minutes Sports. The show premiered on Showtime, which is one of CBS’ cable channels, and was the network’s attempt to break into the world of sports. Anchored by Anderson Cooper, Sharyn Alfonsi, Armen Keteyian, and Lara Logan, 60 Minutes Sports features in-depth reporting to help people find out all that they want to know about the latest sports news. The goal of this show is to put the world of sports into the spotlight.

60 Minutes Sports is a monthly look at the world of sports and it includes features, profiles, interviews and investigations. The show generally airs once a month, and the most recent episode aired on May 6, 2015. The May 6 episode revealed what goes on with the Summer Baseball League for Cape Cod. Mike Pressler, who is a college lacrosse coach for the Bryant University Bulldogs, was also profiled. Pressler was previously the head coach for the Duke Blue Devils for 16 seasons. He was forced to resign in 2006 after three athletes on the team were accused of rape. Pressler filed suit against Duke and the school eventually settled with him. The May 6th episode of 60 Minutes Sports also featured a report on China’s gold medal factory.

60 Minutes Sports focuses on all different sports and has interviews with all different people from each type of sport to keep the public’s attention on this field and to keep sports in the spotlight. The April 1 episode of 60 Minutes Sports featured segments on the event titled Red Hook Criterium. It also featured a segment with information on  P.K. Subban, who is a player for the NFL, and also a look at Morgan Wooten, who is a basketball coach. The Red Hook Criterium takes place in New York. It began as just a cycling race series that consisted of world renowned road racers. There were also track specialists, urban athletes, and even bike messengers. These individuals would compete against one another and cycle many laps. The event now includes a 5K running race on the same date and on the same circuit.

Red Hook Criterium began in 2008, and has been bringing cyclists to New York ever since. 60 Minutes Sports picked up the story of the event, which took place on April 25. The 60 Minutes Sports episode aired almost a month prior to the event to get the word out and to prepare people for what was to come. Kacey Lloyd, who was a professional cyclist until 2011, won the first Red Hook Criterium Race in 2008.

The March 4 episode of 60 Minutes Sports featured Scott Parker who was previously an enforcer for the NFL and Dan LaCouture who did the same. They discussed the topic of hockey, issues within the sport that they faced, and how it has impacted them. Another focus for this episode was the issues that pitchers face when they are young and risks that they have to deal with. The February 3 episode featured Matthias Giraud, who is a skier and also has experience in BASE jumping. The episode also contained information on how cowboys from Brazil are making great strides in bull riding as well an interview Troy Vincent about problems facing the NFL. Vincent discussed how the overall goal is to create a safer environment for the players while they are on the field. He also discussed potential rule changes to add more uniformity to the games while also keeping players from dealing with unnecessary risks.

The Jan. 6, 2015, episode featured an interview with Bobby Mitchell who used to play for the Washington Redskins. In the interview, he spoke about his work for the NFL and how he was subjected to racism in the 1960’s. This episode also contained a overview on the settlement pertaining to concussions that the NFL has been dealing with as well as an interview with the Junior Seau’s family members. Seau was a former NFL linebacker who shot himself in the chest in 2013. Scientists who examined his brain after his death revealed that he may have suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy. This is a disease that is common with people who have dealt with concussions. Concussions have sadly been known to play a role in many NFL deaths, according to GQ.

The Hollywood Reporter said that the goal of 60 Minutes Sports is to make a high-quality hour that lives up to the quality of 60 Minutes and the expectations that people have. The show wants to help to put the world of sports into the spotlight. The show also wants to give people the information that they are looking for in terms of sports.

By Heather Granruth

The Examiner
The Hollywood Reporter
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