‘American Idol’: Season 14 Finale Winner Revealed [Recap & Video]

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On American Idol tonight, the Season 14 winner was revealed in the two-hour-long Finale episode. Besides having to say goodbye to either Nick Fradiani or Clark Beckham, while the other was declared the winner, tonight also marked the final episode of American Idol of the season, and after Season 15 next year, Fox has decided to cancel the series. There was great singing, of course, but it was sad to think that there will be just one more season to go.

At the start of American Idol, both Clark Beckham and Nick Fradiani sang the Fall Out Boy hit, Centuries. They NAILED this song, along with the band Fall Out Boy, one of tonight’s special musical guests.

American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest, announced that “This is your Finale, and this is — American Idol!” Seacrest introduced the show, and asked who was for Nick and who was there for Clark. Members of the audience applauded after he said each name. Seacrest then introduced the American Idol judges.

Ryan asked the judges if the three of them would perform at some point tonight, and they said “Yes.” After that, he had Nick Fradiani and Clark Beckham come out onto the stage. Nick said that he had overslept. Clark told Seacrest that he had gotten up early, about 5:30, but he had thought that he had maybe overslept.

Ryan Seacrest introduced The Jacksons, with their newest member (for tonight, anyway), Tyanna Jones. Tyanna sang the lead for the iconic Jackson 5 hit song I Want You Back and other hits of the group. Tyanna did an AWESOME job as the Jackson’s frontwoman.

Following another break, Ryan Seacrest, host of American Idol, introduced some of the women who were competitors this season singing with Nile Rodgers and Chic. They sang We Are Family, Freak Out, and Good Times. It was a pretty AMAZING medley of Chic’s hits. The audience swayed their hands and snapped their fingers. J-Lo was really getting into the songs.

Then, more music continued on this episode of American Idol, as host, Ryan Seacrest, introduced Ricky Martin with his hit single, Put It Down. The great musical performances of the night had the studio audience pumped up.

Some of the top male performers from this season then joined Ricky Martin on the American Idol stage and sang La Vida Loca with him. That led into Martin’s hit song, She Bang, and another one, The Cup of Life. It was a fantastic performance, showing some of the reasons why Martin became one of the world’s hottest singers around.

There were so many musical performances, that this recap and review of the Finale will not go into all of them. However, both when Prince Royce came onto the stage to sing and later, when Pitbull performed with this season’s male vocalist, Qaasim Middleton, were two other highlights of the show. Rayvon Owen singing In Love By Now along with Jamie Foxx was definitely another highlight tonight, as was the cool performance when Steven Tyler of Aerosmith sang with Jax.

Another great musical performance was when some of the female competitors came back and Joey Cook sang Cool Kids. Hopefully, she, Tyanna Jones, and many of the other fantastic female and male competitors this season who were eliminated will get the recording contracts that they so richly deserve.

Ryan asked Keith if he thought that Nick Fradiani would still win, like he thought last night. Keith said “Yes, but it will be close — by a hair.” Ryan asked Jennifer the same question, and she said she thought that Clark Backham would win.

With Even the Stars Fall for You, Keith Urban took the American Idol stage. The audience clapped along right from the start of the song. There have been so many fantastic musical performances already, and the episode is not even quite half over. Keith Urban WAILED, both vocally and on his electric guitar, and the audience screamed and cheered for him as he sang.

Ryan Seacrest introduced Nick Fradiani and Andy Grammer singing Back Home. They ROCKED OUT! The song turned into a medley of songs. The pair OWNED the stage, and their voices blended smoothly and seamlessly as they sang.

Ryan Seacrest said that when American Idol returns after another commercial break, the three judges would perform. Also, the results will finally be announced, and the viewers of America will learn who is the American Idol Season 14 winner.

Right after the break, Jennifer Lopez sang Rihanna’s hit, Diamonds. Harry played the piano. Keith Urban played his guitar. Jennifer Lopez sounded great. Then, Keith Urban sang Locked Out of Heaven, again rockin’ the place out. The audience were all on their feet, dancing. Jennifer sang some lines of the song, also. Harry killed on the keyboards, as well as the piano. The three judges got a standing ovation.

American Idol headed to yet another commercial break before Ryan Seacrest announced the results. When the show came back on, it was finally time to learn if Clark Beckham would be declared the winner of this season’s American Idol, or if Nick Fradiani would be the winner.

“We’re about to find out who the winner of American Idol is,” Ryan Seacrest said. He asked for the envelope with the Results in it, and then he read off “The winner of American Idol Season 14 is — Nick Fradiani!”

What a terrific, entertaining, music-filled episode of American Idol! There were some amazing performances by the guest artists, Season 14 competitors on the show, and the judges tonight. It was quite a lot to get through just to hear the final results, but still, it was a pretty entertaining two hours. Clark Beckham was an awesome musical artist, and he will hopefully also land himself a recording contract; but, once again, the Season 14 winner was…Nick Fradiani!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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