Android M Will Optimize RAM and Battery Performance

Android M

Android M will be optimizing RAM more, and the battery performance as well. This is the aspect that Google is reportedly eyeing for its next major Android iteration. The tech sphere is expecting to see the upcoming Android during Google’s I/O 2015 this week, and its release is rumored to be in August, though it could change. Rumors likewise have it that the new mobile platform will support fingerprint scanners. Android M’s internal name is Macadamia Nut Cookie.

To be able to have better battery performance, Android M will minimize usage of RAM, and the device in general. Google will also apply changes to Google Play services to achieve this goal.

With Google I/O 2015 kicking off this Thursday, not much has been known what the Mountain View, California-based Internet search titan is in store, except about the new Photos app. However, many expect Android M to make an appearance, until recently, it is found that another exciting newbie in the Android M is that, it will optimize RAM and battery performance.

Google will emphasize on smarter use of battery-draining features to boost performance. The Android owner is urging its team to cut location check-ins as much as possible, minimize RAM usage, reduce activity when the device screen is off or when it is not charging. Tech pundits presume this performance enhancement will include Google Play, which is usually heavy on battery.

The company likewise plans to make Android M Developer Preview, just like it did with Android Lollipop. Android Police confidence level on these rumors so far is 7 over 10, since updates and changes can happen to products and their features. No matter how reliable the sources are, Google can change details, direction or even cancel all the plans. Hearsays will only be confirmed when officially announced.

In the past, Google added to Android Lollipop Project Volta and JobScheduler to boost OS and battery performance. However, there still were familiar complaints with regard to battery life, in its flagship Lollipop devices Nexus 6 and 9. Hence, while Google is refocusing on this aspect of the mobile platform, some are still skeptical.

Rumorland sees the release of Android M in the fall, as it presumes it will go with the new Nexus devices. As for Android M’s official name, there is not much information yet if MNC will be it, since it “does not roll off the tongue,” says BGR.

Last year, Google used Android L to refer to its new mobile OS version until it publicly rolled out and the Lollipop was revealed to be its official name. Google has been calling its OS with various dessert names which did not make it through the official name, such as, Android Key Lime Pie or KLP, and Android Lemon Meringue Pie or LMP, for Android KitKat and Lollipop.

Aside from Android M which will optimize RAM and battery performance is the leaked new feature Photos app. This feature of Google+ is being planned to be integrated with the new OS. Leaked images of the app show its user interface, including animated illustrations to guide users to set up the app.

The functionality of Photos includes automatic backup, general management, as well as search for people, objects or animals – which are what the current apps of the same category are offering. The new feature is a revised interface which provides various view options, for example, by day or by month; as well as an edit facility, new gesture support like pinching-to-zoom into photos, swiping off them, or select photos by dragging a finger.

Google+ Autoawesome will become Assistant, and will let users customize picture, story, movie, collage, album and animation collections. Photos can also be accessed outside Photos at How Google makes Android M so it will optimize RAM and battery performance, as well as present new features of the OS, and the Photos app, all expected when I/O 2015 kicks off shortly.

By Judith Aparri


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Photo courtesy of Austin Ziegler’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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