Apple Inc Macs Are Better Than PCs in Several Things

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Apple Inc. Macs are far better than PCs in several things. There are things easier to do in Macs and difficult in PCs, as compiled by MacWorld. Though comparing Macs and PCs is like comparing cherry vs mint, users are interested in how one fares with the other. The Mac is obviously more expensive than Windows PCs, but it uses high-end specs which can make up the tag. While non-Apple fans use PCs more than their Apple equivalent, there are things that are trickier to do with Windows PCs, but can be done on an Apple Inc computer with laughable ease.

For instance, installing a software is a breeze in Mac as Apple Inc. App Store is the heart of the Mac platform, OS X. It just needs the Apple ID and password, then clicking Get. In this area, Microsoft is still catching up when it comes to app stores. On the PC, one needs to download a software from websites before installing it.

Migrating to a new Mac is an easy thing to do, something that is tough on Windows PCs, courtesy of anti-piracy measures. Aside from the Time Machine backup, there is also a software such as Carbon Copy Cloner to transfer the whole hard drive to the new Mac.

Removing software on Mac is easy. Unix only requires the user to locate the app to erase it in the Applications folder, and dragging it to the Trash and it is done.

Another laughably easy thing is backing up data. It takes a single step only – insert a new hard drive and the operating system OS X will ask if the drive is for backup. If this has been answered No, the user can still change it in System Preferences-> Time Machine -> Select Disk.

Updating apps is easy too. OS X updates the system and installs apps less frequently. It does downloading in the background, or while the user is working. If it ever needs to restart, it gives an alert, which it can delay by one hour or more. Apple’s computers also restart really quickly, and without fuss. On the other hand, updates in Windows trigger when the PC is turned off, and can take an hour or more.

On Mac, getting online is straightforward because Apple Inc. controls both the hardware and software. It makes sure it uses Wi-Fi components and squeezes every drop of performance from them. Mac boards have 2×2 multiple-input, multiple-output boards that make getting online easy.

Streaming music and video is fast with Mac. The credit goes to Apple Inc.’s AirPlay, the technology that bounces audio and video to devices super easily. Compatibility with Apple TV or AirPlay is required though, but it is all automatic and seamless.

Apple Inc Macs are better than PCs in several things just like in defragging or defragmenting the hard drive. For Mac, it is a piece of cake. PC defragging is done from time to time to boost performance speed. Mac’s operating system OS X does this automatically and quietly in the background whenever the user installs a new software. That keeps the Mac always updated.

While managing large files, much more, a huge photo library slows down PC processes, but this is just a quickie on Mac. Apple has pondered on what people do with their computer, and makes those tasks easy. The Mac has Apple Inc.’s iCloud Photo Library and the new Photos app, which save to online and upload photos automatically that there is no need to transfer, sync and manage files. This concept and process also apply to other files, not just photos.

This can be confusing, but installing Windows on Mac is easier than on PC. OS X uses Parallels software which automates the installation process. One has just to enter the serial number and OS X takes care of the rest. In Mac, Windows runs in a virtual environment.

Looking up the definition of a word comes handy on Mac. It can be done by right-clicking on the word and Look Up, for example, in Mail, Safari and TextEdit. Word definitions are retrieved from Oxford Dictionary, Wikipedia and Apple’s own dictionary.

Retrieving a file’s old version is fine with Mac too. It just needs clicking the filename in the title bar using Preview or TextEdit, select Browse All Versions, then pick the desired previous version. If one wants to view a file on Mac, one can do so by choosing the file and clicking on Quick Look. The contents will show regardless of file type.

Apple Inc’s Macs are better than PCs in several things like mentioned above. However, it does not make Windows PCs inferior as both devices are good, developed their respective functionalities and have their own helpful purposes. These devices can be individually useful depending on user needs.

By Judith Aparri

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Photo courtesy of Matthew Pearce’ Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

4 Responses to "Apple Inc Macs Are Better Than PCs in Several Things"

  1. Ceejay   May 26, 2015 at 4:14 am

    Where did you get Macs are more expensive than PCs?

    5k iMac from £1,599, 5k Dell monitor using the same LG panel, £1,990.

    The Mac Pro can’t be replicated by PC home builders for less.

    Please correct this falsehood, macs were more expensive when they were using Motorola and PowerPC chips that made them twice as powerful as equivalent PCs.

  2. xx   May 26, 2015 at 2:18 am

    That article is just as troley as this comment.

  3. Antoine   May 25, 2015 at 12:38 pm

    Another author who knows little to nothing about the overwhelming power of the Windows OS.

    One thing is sure, Apple lovers are confused when it comes to technology.

  4. stead   May 25, 2015 at 8:43 am


    Well time to close down Ms and everyone buy apple, I’m guessing Judith hasn’t used a windows pc in quite sometime, and with the exception of the app store in versions previous to windows 8 the other points aren’t exactly truth, but then I’m not a writer earning money by writing false truths for an incredibly powerful company, nor can I afford mac luxury….however it does duel boot just fine on my pc, and many of my friends Intel based pc’s…

    So if you don’t like windows, buy a cheap pc and pirate mac os, best of both worlds! And then buy parallels to do lots of useful stuff….


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