BB King’s Children Are Seeking Guardianship Over Him

BB King
BB King, who is a legendary blues singer, has been in hospice care for some time. His children have made numerous attempts to obtain guardianship over him but to no avail. His manager of many years maintains control over the former singer’s affairs. His children are frustrated that they are unable to gain guardianship over their father and cannot understand why his business manager is in charge of things according to E! Online.

Laverne Toney who is the business manager of the singer is being blamed by King’s children for stealing from him as well as neglect, which Toney denies. There has also been no evidence to confirm the accusations of King’s children against Toney. The court stated, according to E! Online, that this case of the singer’s children is flawed, and they just want to have control. Jon Norheim, who is the master of Family Court, feels that Toney should have control and sees no reason why it should be taken from him. He also added that even though the blues musician is sick that does not mean that he is completely incapable of making decisions. He has help and even if he was being taken advantage of, something would be done about it.

King’s daughter named Karen Williams stated that she thinks her father is being abused and knows that he has not been able to talk for over a week. Darin Brimhall, who is the musician’s top physician, added that he is being given the best of care and never goes unsupervised. He went on to say that the accusations were not based on anything concrete so the fact that the family is seeking guardianship does not make any sense.

King had been diagnosed with Diabetes a while ago but continued to tour until October 2014. He fell ill in Chicago and had to cancel the remaining performances. He was previously inducted into the Hall of Fame for Rock and Roll and is considered to be one of top guitarists ever to exist according to ABC News. The singer has earned many awards and hails from Mississippi. He has even been referred to as the ultimate blues ambassador.

The singer has greatly appreciated the support of his fans and sent them a message on Facebook. He stated how much he appreciates the get well wishes that were sent his way and wanted his fans to be aware of his location and how he was doing. He told fans specifically that he is receiving the best care at his home in Las Vegas.

The police were called in November about King and how he had been abused and neglected. His children requested that the authorities come out and investigate. He was at his home in Las Vegas then and the family was insistent that this situation be looked into. They continue to state that this issue is not over and they will not rest until it is.

BBC News said that the court ruling will not prevent them from filing future appeals. The family is standing by their claim and the fight for the guardianship of their father if far from over in their minds. Shirley King, who is King’s oldest daughter, said that this dispute is disrespectful to her father and has brought shame to him. She added that even though they will continue the fight, she knows that her father would never approve of this. He would not want things to play out this way at all according to BBC News.

It appears that the fight for guardianship over the singer will go on and his children are seeking to gain that control no matter what. Despite King’s wishes and the lack of evidence in their case, the children are prepared to continue the battle. BBC News said that King has had a string of hits throughout his career and is considered to be a great guitar player. He is a legendary icon and unforgettable as well.

By Heather Granruth

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