Cattle Raids in Northern Kenya Leave 75 Dead

cattle raid

At least 75 people have been killed in the last four days of cattle raids and retaliation fighting in northern Kenya, according to the Red Cross on Wednesday. The violence began in the East Pokot and Turkana districts, spreading into other districts a few days later. Retaliatory cattle raids and violent disputes over water sources and grazing lands are common in Northern Kenya.

Militants from the ethnic Turkana people are suspected of launching an attack on Monday, leading to some of the worst fighting. There have been continuous battles on the border region between Turkana and East-Pokot. Gullet stated that 54 people were killed, including five women and four children.

According to a local report, the fighting began after attack from Pokot warriors against the Turkana villagers over 100 goats being stolen. Kenya Red Cross chief Abbas Gullet stated, “we can’t have Kenyans killing one another.” Teams from the Red Cross have been helping the local villagers and nearly 350 families who fled the area during the four-day attack.

By Alex Lemieux


Yahoo News

Photo by Teseum – Creativecommons Flickr License

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